Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Still Standing

We survived another day without me or the little ones going down with the flu. Go us! The kids are on the Tamiflu, so I'm the canary in the coal mine in this scenario. (By the way, "Canary in a Coal Mine" is one of my favoritest songs by The Police ever.)

I've been a bit tired all day, so that means I'm either coming down with flu or am pregnant and still overcoming the last vestiges of that stupid cold. (By the way, isn't vestige a lovely word?)

Tomorrow is the outside of our contagion window--unless we've managed to pick up the germs despite going to DEFCON-1 in the germ department ever since we realized that Brendan had it and banished him to the guest room upstairs. (By the way, Hi Sweetie!)

This single parent stuff is hard. Even though I handle most of the parent load, what with Brendan having the paying job and all, I typically get breaks throughout the day. For example, we usually have lunch with Brendan and/or emerge from the house into the sunlight. And of course, there's my favorite part of the day--when he comes home from work and we can all bask in the glow of our lovely family. Unless I shove a kid or two at him the instant he walks in the door and demand that he occupy them or A) we will not be eating dinner that night, or B) I might have to hurt someone or something. Hmmmm. Pretty sure it's usually the second scenario, although we do have a Lovely Family Glow about us sometimes. :o) (By the way, I really do love my job! I know my writing has been kid-heavy lately, and I hope to expand my horizon of topics once we are all better and our world opens up a little. When you're sick, your focus in life seems to narrow significantly, doesn't it?)

I hope we survive another day. Ryan's chess class begins tomorrow and I'd hate for him to miss the first one. And more than that, I'd hate for us all to be sick, because being sick just sucks. Why can't it be like Star Trek, with magic hypo-sprays and nobody ever comes down with the slightest infection (unless it's some alien pox in which case you're screwed)? Or like at Hogwarts, where Madame Pomfrey whips up a potion made out of moonstone and chocolate, to soothe away your icky germs? Okay, fine. I can dream, can't I? (By the way, I've always thought it was so cool that chocolate is actually a remedy in the magical realm. Obviously, it's a remedy in Muggleland, too, but not quite in the same way. That was a genius touch, I thought.)

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