Sunday, March 02, 2008

Ups And Downs

After I had so much fun on Friday, I was exhausted yesterday. And my voice was nearly gone from talking and talking and talking to other grownups. Still, I managed to work my way through the mountains and tons and piles of kid clothes that were clogging up our guest room. Go me!

Brendan and the kids found a nice-sized specimen of an Eastern Kingsnake while doing yardwork yesterday. I really wanted to see him, too, but he was gone by the time I got out there. He was hiding under/next to one of our sweet olive bushes, just outside the garage. We decided we'd leave him alone because A) even Good Guy Snakes will bite if pestered and B) as a Good Guy Snake, one of his jobs is to eat Bad Guy Snakes.

Brendan took the kids to an indoor rock-climbing gym last night. I wimped out due to extreme tiredness. Not that I can really be climbing anything anyway, but I wanted to watch the little ones. They had a nice time.

But. Brendan woke up late this morning, feeling all achy. He claimed it was from rock-climbing. After several hours, it became apparent that he has a fever and so the flu, which we have successfully avoided so far, has hit our house it seems. Looking back at the timeline, it would appear that he caught it while on his little trip to Florida last week. He is investigating the Tamiflu option--as a diabetic, the flu will hit him harder than people who chose not to kill off their own beta cells on their pancreas.

I'm nervous about me, too, because my meds list is limited. Oh well. Almost nothing to be done at this point, and all research indicates that the second trimester is a good time to get sick. So I have switched gears from spring cleaning/nesting for baby into battening down the hatches for later in the week when I get sick! Fun!

It's such a pretty day today--70 degrees, very spring-like. I can't wait for all this illness to be over and the weather to be nice and then all we'll have to look forward to are spring and birthdays and babies.

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Monica said...

Oh YUCK! That's stinky. It really is going around. Robb got sick on Thursday afternoon with the flu. He's just getting over it today. I have been taking 2 T. cod liver oil daily for just over a week now, working like mad over the week-end just in case, and (fingers crossed) I really hope not to get it!