Saturday, March 29, 2008

Want To See It

Brendan and I are very excited about the new Speed Racer movie. It just. looks. AMAZING. Check out the trailers on the website. I love the styling, very cool. It's just what I would have imagined a Speed Racer movie looking like.

I remember SR from childhood and a couple of years ago we bought a season on DVD. Ryan watched it constantly for 9 months. It's cheesy and strange, which I rather enjoy. I mean, what's up with Chim-Chim? WHY?!?!?! We were also surprised to see many of the main characters smoking cigarettes--often. My, how things have changed!

We even own a Mach 5 and SR action figures!

So. Excited. B & I are probably going to preview it first and then depending on what the movie is actually like, we'll take Ryan to see it at the theater.

I usually don't get too excited about seeing movies at the theater (unless they involve Harry Potter!). I really hope this doesn't disappoint. From what I've seen so far, I'm very optimistic!

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