Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Baby Things

This is the post where I go all gushy because I have a baby on the way. If you prefer another side of Rational Jenn, then by all means, skip this one. I won't be offended (even if I did somehow manage to find out)!

Like many families, we have a few traditional (if you can use that word to describe something that has only occurred twice before) New Baby Activities that we did with the other kids and will do one more time for and with Gus. I'm going to list them off for your reading pleasure, and also to get some ideas if you have some, and also so that I don't forget to actually do them, as my brain is seriously afflicted with pregnancy-related amnesia these days.

Teddy Bear

In a few weeks (after the birthday hubbub has subsided), we'll return to Build-A-Bear to make a bear for Gus. We made a bear for Ryan on the spur of the moment, a few days before he was born. We happened to be at the mall, because I was trying to walk and walk and walk that baby out--Ryan was 15 days late--and we hopped (still trying to get that baby out, you see) into BAB and made him a bear. In fact, I seem to remember us holding the bear in front of my belly and trying to tempt the baby out! (And I said I was never going to bribe my kids! Didn't work anyway.) The bear's name is Heart Teddy (Ryan named him when he got older) and he is often wearing a fireman peopleguy uniform these days.

Morgan's bear--that Ryan helped make--is called Wiggle Bear, and is regularly featured as an integral part of her bedtime posse. Wiggle is now good friends with "M," the bear Morgan made on her recent birthday. (I have no idea if M heads up MI6 and works with 007, and I fear that if I asked her about it she'd have to have me killed.)

Since Gus won't be the baby's real name (you knew that, right?), I think it would be nice if his bear was named Gus, don't you? And in case you were wondering, yes, yes, YES, we are total suckers and will probably end up getting another bear each for R & M, too.

Baby Book

I remembered to buy Gus a baby book (go, memory cells!) and have actually filled in a few things! I really needed somewhere to stash all of his zillion ultrasound pictures--I have some from 8 weeks along. He is my most-ultrasounded baby. I have made him promise (through my mommy magical powers) to be extra cute because he caused a lot of trouble early on.

Stripey Outfit for Hospital Picture and Coming Home

Ryan had blue-and-white stripes. Morgan had pink-and-white stripes. Gus will have blue-and-green-and-white stripes. Already got it--yay for Target. You wanna know why I like stripes, apart from the fact that they are very popular and easy-to-find, especially for baby boys? Because the baby looks like a cute little prison inmate from an old-time movie. I find that to be an extremely endearing look for an infant.


The first song Ryan and Morgan ever heard was "Here Comes the Sun." It will be Gus's first song, too. Besides being one of my favorite Beatles songs ever (sigh, George!), the lyrics are really appropriate for the birth of a baby--the sunshine returning, ice melting, after a long winter. In other words, the waiting is over.

When Ryan was born, there was Great Drama and Hoopla, and he ended up in NICU for several days. Until he was well enough to join us in my room, we didn't--couldn't--listen to music at all, and were barely able to celebrate his birth because we were so worried and busy. I'll never forget holding him in my arms for the first time outside of the NICU, all unplugged from his machinery, and hearing "Here Comes the Sun" because Brendan put that on specially. So touching. When Morgan was born, circumstances were different (MUCH better) and we had a hard time getting 5 minutes to ourselves to put the song on for her, but we managed.


Naturally, there will be pictures and pictures. And pictures. We'll get some nakedy pictures and some Big Kids Holding Baby pictures and of course some with all of our visitors. We'll also do a monthly picture and post it to the FamBlog, because these critters really do change quite a bit from week to week and month to month.

Well, I suppose all of those things should get the little guy off to a good start. Any other ideas? I am interested in what other parents do!


suchlovelyfreckles.com said...

Wow, those are all wonderful ideas. *sigh* I'm getting all teary eyed. We didn't do any of this, so I have no ideas for you... just really loving what you're doing for your new little baby.

And no, I really didn't know that Gus was not the real name and I wondered about for a moment. LOL ;)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait!!! Probably not as much as you all, but still the anticipation is delightfully anticipate-y.

I think I got it worked out today to come down the week after Gus makes his Howdy-Do. I'll confirm tomorrow.

Gus is a great name for "The Bear". Will you and B. find The Bear or will the kids help? Because if it's the latter, will it actually be a "Bear"? Maybe a warrior, knight cheetah wearing a fireman peopleguy outfit? Or a Hello Kitty wearing a cute pink shirt, no underthings and yellow rain boots?

Or some kind of amalgamation of the two? A warrior, knight Hello Kitty with a fireman hat, yellow rainboots, and a smile???

Or maybe will the most adorable little ones pick out their own "Bear" for Gus.

Yea! The Guster Cometh!


Monica said...

I think your baby will most enjoy the baby book when he or she grows up. I am not a parent, but as an adult I highly prize the baby books and scrapbooks that my mom made for me. It is fascinating to go through pasted artwork from second grade and wonder what the heck I was thinking when I made it!!

We have so few pictures of me as a baby. not a problem in 2008, but in the days of poor parents with polaroid it was!

May I suggest that you also take lots of videos, even if they are done on digital camera? I don't have any baby or kid videos and I really wish my parents had had access to a video camera when I was small. Videos like that would be almost priceless to me.

I have recordings of my grandparents before they died, talking about aspects of their life when they were younger. These are treasures to me. Make sure to take videos of you and Brendan, too, so your future adult can see what you were both like when you were young, when he or she was born :)

I do love the bear idea and the special outfit.

Mrs. C said...

The stripey outfit idea is hilarious. I can't wait until your ticker is gone. Every time I see it I worry about the baby getting tangled in his cord! LOL!

LB said...

We didn't make the bear, but each had a special stuffed animal in the hospital "baby's first photo" (you know the one where they're still all squishy and look nothing like what they end up looking like 2 weeks later - although all c-sections babies are particularly beautiful if I do say myself). They each had their own color outfits, blue, peach, lavender, and blankets to match (they kept those blankets long after they were respectable looking or even functional). We also wrote a letter to the last child before she was born. She hasn't read it yet, but someday she will and I hope it inspires her or touches her in some way.

Keeping up the baby book for at least one year ought to qualify you for some type of award (beside having the book itself). This is really important, but always seems like the last thing on your list once the baby is here. We put the front page of The Boston Globe (because that's our local paper) from the day they were each born in their books as well.

For the record, I think Gus is a great name and could be well matched to the squishy-faced cantankerous little person you're likely to first meet!

It's all very exciting.

Anonymous said...

So great and so overwhelming! How do you do it? This is our first and I haven't come up with any cute ideas! We do have her coming home outfit and baby book. Finally have the nursery ready (crib comes tomorrow!) I washed my bunny from when I was little (very nervously hoping it wouldn't decompose) and it came out great so he's waiting for her. Hmmm, we should get on the ball.

Rational Jenn said...

Playing catch up with my comments, thanks all for your patience!

Suchlovelyfreckles--thanks so much!

Karen--you're the bestest auntie ever!

Monica--I loved looking at my baby book when I was younger, too. Unfortunately, my mom has misplaced it (ack!). For R & M, I wrote a short paragraph each month for the first year and it's fun to re-read them through. I need to add some funny stories, too, and how we chose their names, etc.

Mrs. C--I do love some stripes! Ryan looks like an escaped convict in his--very cute. I think that pregnancy ticker is hysterical--sometimes I'll get on my blog and that thing is just spinning around like crazy. Sometimes the actual baby feels like that, too! :o)

LB--I like the color-coded theme! And I love the squishy babies--the squishy phase is so quickly over. Did you have c-section babes, too?

Jen--I didn't have many "traditions" planned out for my first either--they just sort of happened, like the teddy bear and the song. When I was pg with M, those things sort of stood out in my memory from R's birth, and I thought it would be nice to do them again--and same with #3! Let me know what traditions you eventually decide on!

Thanks so much for the well-wishes, everyone! Means a lot.