Friday, April 18, 2008

Behind The 8 Ball

I'm sooper-dee-dooper way behind on replying to blog comments and responding to email, so if you've written me lately, don't think I don't appreciate you! Hope to catch up today or tomorrow--we have family in town to celebrate Mr. Ryan's 6th birthday on top of which we have had much more to do this week than usual, even apart from the birthday. I like being busy, but it's really cutting into my sitting-around-on-my-booty time. :o)

I've got a birthday cake to decorate (Darth Vader, yeah!), gifts to wrap, house and backyard to get in order, a blog carnival to put together (later today, promise!), blah blah blah. Same stuff (only different) that you have to do, I'm sure!

Tomorrow, we're going to take him to Medieval Times, which I've never been to. Should be very exciting! Anyone know how to ensure that we are on the winning knight's "team?"

Oh, and if you felt the earthquake this morning, hope you're okay. It woke up my sis and bro-in-law and evidently quite freaked out their cats. They all survived, I understand.

Must go--my brains need coffee so that I can survive enjoy the day.


LB said...

Good luck with the black frosting (Darth Vader cake) - that stuff gets everywhere! (BTDT: Power Ranger cake, 13 years ago, and I still haven't forgotten the mess.)

Anonymous said...

Love the Darth Vader Cake. My son wanted Lightning McQueen... and it turned out quite well, if I say so myself.

Rational Jenn said...

Thanks both of you--sorry about the late reply!

Black frosting is the worst--I also have several Spider-Man cakes under my belt--all those black lines! I have also done Lightning McQueen (aka "Lightning The Queen") for the little boy next door.

Pictures soon!