Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Good News

Morgan's lab results are back--Class 0 for peanuts! Actually, she got Class 0 for everything except a Class 0/1 for pecans and pork, of all things. The doc wants us to have an allergist look her lab results over for those two items. I'm seriously having a hard time imagining that my bacon- and sausage-loving girl is allergic to pork. Never one hive or sneeze, truly.

So, those of you who've been through this RAST testing before--what exactly is a 0/1? I need to look up the false positive/false negative rates for this test, too.

And more importantly--do we go ahead and give her some peanuts? I actually have a call in to the doctor about that one. I've seen research that indicates that non-allergic siblings should get some semi-regular exposure to peanuts in order to prevent the allergy from developing. Can't have it in the house, at least not until Ryan is much older and can protect himself. Come to think of it, Morgan will need to be much older, too, and able to be cognizant of what she has touched, etc. Not only that, is it just possible that we've been so good about keeping away from peanuts that she's not had an exposure? (Keep in mind that in order for the allergy to develop, at least one exposure must have occurred.) Could we have been that good? I'm really not sure, especially since Ryan has had known contact exposures, probably one per year. Just thinking out loud here. I'll go into full research mode (of course) and get some answers.

Mostly, HOORAY! I feel as if she's dodged an actual bullet and am so happy she will not have to deal with this. And I'm kind of sad all over again for Ryan. His results will be back by Friday, I think.


C. August said...

That is such awesome news! And I'd really be shocked if she hadn't ever ever ever been exposed to peanut proteins. Hasn't Ryan had some slight reactions while Morgan has been around?

On the other hand, you guys are really diligent about keeping that poison from Ryan and you were operating under the assumption that Morgan was allergic too.... so I suppose it's actually possible that she hasn't been exposed. It's a good question whether you can introduce the food now, as a test. I wonder if they would want to do another RAST test after initial exposure?

Anyway, I'm really happy for all of you. And I completely get why it makes you kind of sad all over again for Ryan.

And I think a 0/1 score for pork is actually a negative allergic score. It means that her body REQUIRES pork products. :-)

Rational Jenn said...

Thanks, C. I'm with you--I know she's been around peanut-containing products anyway, because Ryan had that reaction last year. Whether or not she picked up the protein--hard to tell. We have been super-vigilant, but it's hard to tell. She's never had eczema either, which Ryan always had, since birth. Just a couple of mystery hives here and there, and well, kids get rashes.

I'm interested to know if the allergist thinks she'll need skin testing for a 0/1 result. I'll refuse it for pork, because I mean, this child practically lives on sausage! Might consider it for the pecan though. Skin tests are more accurate than the RAST. But with such a borderline low-level result, it may not even be worth it.

My sister's coming to town this weekend and these results mean that we can take M to a teashop for a tea party and not have to be concerned with the nut thing. Brendan and I agreed that I'll carry an Epi-pen just in case. It's somewhat of a security blanket, but there's no harm in having it, and the pecan thing is still a possibility.

Thanks for saying that you understand why I'm sad for Ryan all over again. I wasn't sure if that would make sense, partly because I still haven't quite figured out why I feel that way myself. (Pregnancy hormones are always a factor!) Meant a lot.

Monica said...

Wow, what a relief! YAY! Now let's hope little Gus will not have any allergies, either!

Kelly Elmore said...

I get the feeling sad for Ryan thing too. I mean, none of us want Morgan to have allergies, but it sucks for him to be kind of alone. It's a hard thing to see one child all healthy and non-allergic and to know that the other will have a lifelong struggle to face. We all want our kids lives to be easy, and his allergy is so not easy! But he doesn't have to be totally alone. Ryan's Peopleguys (a team we are proud to be members of) will always have peanut-free, rambunctious fun. Like Mad-Eye, we'll practice constant vigilance while roaming joyously over Atlanta!

Wow, that was dramatic when I reread it. And I'm not even pregnant! :)