Thursday, April 03, 2008

Humor Of The Moment

When Morgan says the phrase "peanut-safe" it sounds like she's saying "penis-safe."

She's playing a game where she is baking imaginary cakes and bringing them to me to sample. Ever mindful of our food allergy situation, she is very careful to inform me that each cake is "penis-safe."

I'm dying here! Seriously, I'm hanging on by a thread. :o)


C. August said...

Yes, we're verrry familiar with the unintentional funny in our household.

Jenn, you've heard part of this story before, but for the benefit of the wider audience...
our 2yr old son, R_, has a tough time with 'tr', 'fr', 'gr'... basically any consonant + 'r'. It all turns into an 'f' sound. Grandma = Famma. Bread = Fead. Green (his favorite color) = Feen.

Truck = F___ you guessed it.

He got a monster truck from his great-grandparents. He pushed it all over their floor, amongst the 30+ extended family members, yelling "Monstuh! F___!"

Well, last week we checked out a DVD from the library, all about trucks. Now what does he ask for?

"Wanna... see... f___ show!"

Dawn said...

Okay....I have one for you!
We had a nice little boy from our church over to play with our son one Sunday. We had lunch and then I gave the kids fudgesicles. He hadn't had a fudgesicle before and so I asked him how he liked his fudgesicle....and that I should tell his mom to buy fudgesicles..and one and one went our conversation about fudgesicles (note: we said the word, I'm sure, about 10 times). Finally the little boy in a quiet voice said to me, "Excuse me....why do you call them f----sicles?"
I just about died!!
I could just imagine him going home and saying, "Mom, in their house they call these....." I made sure I explained to him that they're called FUDGE-sicles...and why. LOL

Monica said...

Another good one. My piano teacher's grandson couldn't pronounce "s." One day, with great difficulty, he managed to say, "Strainer" pronouncing the "s." Everyone was in amazement. They asked him, "Do you think you can say that again??"

He responded:, "No, I don't think tho."

Dana said...

Oh my goodness...reminds me of my son.

His "f's" and "p's" are remarkably similar, and with the other issues of four year old pronunciation his rendering of "favorite" and "private" were virtually identical.

So it always sounded like he was talking about his favorite parts at bath time. And I really did try not to laugh...

LB said...

When my daughter, now 14, was about 3, we were going through some of my old toys at my parents’ house. Happening upon Baby Joey the first anatomically correct boy baby doll inspired by the sitcom “All in the Family”, I explained to my daughter that “anatomically correct” meant that the boy doll had a penis. She took the naked doll, examined him for a second and with hand held out said, “Okay, give me the peanuts”.

Ute said...

I have a cute little story too.

My son, about two and a half years old, as we were camping in the woods, brought over a stick, and said to me "Look, Mommy, I have a big dick."
"Me too" replied my husband. (Of course!) He laughed his ass off and kept telling this story to everyone. :)

Oh, and he did the whole "truck" "f*ck" thing too. Mooooom, there is a fire f*ck!!!"

Rational Jenn said...

Those are all funny stories! Thanks for sharing! Little kids crack me up, truly. There is almost nothing more hilarious.

Another one, from Ryan, about 2 years ago. We were working in the backyard and he was using his kid-sized set of gardening tools. He was so excited to be Working Hard Like Peopleguys that he shouted over to us:

"Hey everyone! I've got a hoe! I've got a dirty hoe!"

Which was literally true. :o)