Monday, April 14, 2008

Less Than 10 Weeks To Go

I'm in kind of a frantic mode these days. Last Friday, I realized that this baby will be here in 10 weeks, which sounds like a lot, but knowing how tired I'll be those last 4 weeks, I really need to get things organized and/or finished up in the next month or so. Not to mention, there's always a chance that I could go into actual labor before the surgery date. So I have to count on June 20 as an outside date, but be ready for things to happen earlier. (Although they'd better not, because, well, they'd just better not!)

We have accomplished many of my Things To Do Before Baby Arrives goals that I set at the beginning of the year, notably getting Morgan potty-trained (which she pretty much decided to do on her own and I thank her) and sleeping through the night in her own bed on a more or less regular basis. Irony: she's such an easy-going kid during the day, but her nights have been hard-core since she was about 7 months old. Brendan or I still end up in her room a couple times a week, but that's a big improvement from her not being able to be by herself for more than about 4 hours. :o)

More (but not all) of my TTDBBA list:
  • Get Morgan used to Brendan putting her to bed--we're working on that and it seems to be going okay. What can I say? I'm popular. :o)
  • Rearrange the pantry and some kitchen cabinets to facilitate Ryan (and Morgan, too) being able to be Self-Sufficient in the breakfast, lunch, snack, and beverage arena. Self-Sufficient has suddenly become quite a popular idea and boy do I want to encourage that! Especially now.
  • Finish mulching the backyard--a challenge now that the pollen count is regularly above 3000 and my maintenance meds are keeping me barely afloat. But I think I can do it.
  • Finish deck repairs, which Brendan made huge progress on this week--the deck is about 10 years old, and many of the balusters were coming out (yikes). Need this to be safe so's I can send the kids outside for the rest of spring!
  • Paint the guest room/baby room. My neighbor rocks--and she's good at talking me into redecorating projects. I've learned to do what she tells me to do and stuff always looks awesome. (If you need proof, check out the cabin pictures!) And plus, you know, been in the house nearly 10 years and painting the guest room (which will house the crib at least temporarily) will upgrade it from junky-room-where-we-make-our-guests-stay to Official Guest Room status. I'm sure our visitors will appreciate it!
  • Get peopleguys for general house projects, like painting the trim on the house (or the HOA Gestapo will get us) and having the bug peopleguys make their annual visit.
  • Establish a semi-permanent computer area for R & M, since they obviously will make use of one and hauling out my laptop on demand is getting really old.

Plus, you know--all the usual baby stuff, like locating clothes (done) and washing them (not yet), finding the carseat, going to the increasingly frequent doctor's appointments, deciding on a middle name (got the first name!), and prepping the kids, etc.

By the way, I'm still using Getting Things Done, which is really helping me since my brain is more forgetful than ever. And I always work more efficiently with a deadline anyway, so really, having this kid on the way is really motivating. Motivating, you know, in a panicky terrifying kind of way. :o)


Kim said...

Congrats! Must feel good to get so much done. Really accomplished.

Rational Jenn said...

Thanks--it feels strange, actually! The external pressure of deadlines and house guests really helps. Maybe I should just pretend that I will always have house guests!

How are things with your crew? I've been reading your posts and been meaning to stop by--will do so soon. One of the casualties of all this house cleaning stuff is that I'm still a little behind with reading and catching up with blogs!