Sunday, April 06, 2008

More With The Chess

Forgive me while I write yet another post about my smartie little boy. :o)

The kid still loves chess. And he is really blowing me away with his absorption of chess concepts. His teachers are affiliated with a local chess program called Kid Chess and they recommended that all of the kids watch some of the little videos about chess on their website. Which we did, about 10 days ago, and then I got distracted and we all forgot to watch more.

One video that Ryan was particularly interested in was the one about en passant, which is a special circumstance where a pawn can capture another pawn that has already passed it by. Now this is a concept that I barely recall from my brief forays into chess. Probably it's something that all chess students know all about, but for someone who has never really had the patience to study chess, it's probably something that would never have occurred to me to use in a game.

Ryan just correctly named the move and demonstrated it for Brendan, who had never even heard of it. He made sure that the capturing pawn was on the 5th rank and everything. We last saw those videos, like I said, over a week and a half ago, and they have not covered this idea in their class. (I know this because Ryan will not let me out of his sight during chess class, so I'm learning a lot, too.)

My goodness, he loves chess. He really gets it, and he really enjoys it. He beats Brendan fair and square about 1/3 to 1/2 the time. Go him! I guess I'd better watch some of those videos if I have any hope of not embarrassing myself keeping up with him for any amount of time.

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