Monday, April 21, 2008

Nice Weekend

We had so much fun with our visitors and friends this weekend. Ryan had an awesome party, the Darth Vader cake turned out really neat-o, he got lots of fun peopleguy-related gifts (notably, another camouflage military outfit and camo shoulder bag, real-live moccasins, and architect peopleguy paraphernalia, and glow-in-the-dark rocks), and Medieval Times was a hit! Pics on the FamBlog soon.

Our relatives (my in-laws) are super nice and super fun, very laid-back. A visit from them is always low stress for me. They all also get the Best Relatives in the World gold star, for helping us with some projects around the house. Two of them even finished my mulching project for me, which was so, so very sweet. I was reconsidering the wisdom of doing all that kind of work, being 7 months preggo and with a slight muscle pull in my back. So that was especially thoughtful. And the deck has been repaired, thanks to my hard-working husband and future father-in-law. Those two projects alone have made it possible for me to relax about sending the kids outside without too much supervision--I was really nervous about that deck. No fun if people fall through the cracks, you know!

The kids had their pediatrician checkups (one last week, one today) and both had blood drawn for some food allergy baseline testing (RAST tests). And now we wait. I'm pretty confident that Ryan's tree nut stuff will come back okay, and I expect his peanut test to say something like "Peanuts = Poison, Avoid Like Plague." :o) As much as I hope that he'll be in the 20% of kids who outgrow the peanut allergy, his history does not indicate that it's very likely.

But Morgan is more of a mystery. I'm sure she's been exposed to trace amounts of fish, shellfish, and tree nuts. There are a few instances I can think of where I think it's possible she's been exposed to peanuts, too. But I'm fairly certain she's never ingested any of the above proteins. She's had two bouts of Mystery Hives (my favorite!) in her life, both after nursing after I had eaten scallops. So we'll see. I really don't want to get a bracelet for her. It's so hard to wait for the results, but better this than learning the hard way, like we did with Ryan.

We have two more weeks of a semi-heavy activity load, and then we'll drop everything except for Ryan's swimming until after Baby arrives. The weather is awesome, not too hot, although nice and yellow with pollen, so I'm hoping to get out more to the playground in the next month. My sister and brother-in-law are coming for a visit this coming weekend (again, low stress relations, yay), and I would also like us to go up to the cabin for a night or two before the big rental season starts and we're stranded by baby stuff anyway.

How was your weekend?


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Two months until baby?

I think you are wise to cut down on activities and give yourself some time with the two here before the baby makes three kiddos.

I hope all goes well for you. Or as they say around here: "Buen parto y mucha la leche!"
(Good delivery and plentiful milk!)

Rational Jenn said...

Yes, only two months to go! We are all getting excited, but I'm suddenly slightly overwhelmed with things I'd like to have done before he gets here. And not just house project-y things either.

One thing I'm trying to do is spend some extra special time with each kid, especially the one who won't be my "baby" anymore. Oh, and sleep.

Thanks for the well wishes, too. Good delivery and plentiful milk--very good things for a mother and baby to have! I'm going to have to borrow that one.

C. August said...

Good luck with the RAST bloodwork, too. I'm hoping the divine Miss M comes back with nary a trace of trouble.

We have yet to test R. after his seemingly shrimp-related reaction in OBX last year. I think that is on the schedule for sometime this year, though I don't remember.