Friday, April 18, 2008

Objectivist Round Up #39!

Welcome to the April 18, 2008 edition of the Objectivist Round Up.

Today is the 233rd anniversary of Paul Revere's famous ride (although there were a couple other guys who rode in other directions, too). Samuel Adams and John Hancock escaped from the British, being warned by Revere to get the heck out of dodge. For a fascinating account of the ride in Revere's own words, check out this link!

Tomorrow: the Shot Heard 'Round the World! I still get goose bumps, thinking about those heroic men and women and what they did and the great things in my life today because of their courage and dedication to the greatest cause in history: freedom. Goose bumps. Every time.

And without further ado, the Round Up!

Kim presents An Early Lesson in Justice posted at Kim's Play Place, saying, "My daughter gets her first taste of a bad person."

Flibbert presents Boycott China posted at Flibbertigibbet, saying, "Now, I know you all have been swarming to my blog to find out what type of military aircraft I am or whether or not I see the naked lady in Dick Cheney's sunglasses or to watch my latest YouTube videos and read my tet-a-tet with an islamo-fascist, but I will have you know that my blog does often address serious issues seriously.

This time, I'm talking about China and the Olympics. Apparently, there are a lot of pragmatists out there who think that tyrannical giant, China, isn't a big deal and that suggestions of boycotting it or the Olympics is little more than naive ideological noise-making. I'm here to set those people straight. Naive are those who ignore the evil that is China. Boycott China!"

Burgess Laughlin presents In Hebrews 11.1, what is "faith"? posted at Making Progress.

Diana Hsieh presents Business Regulation, Consumer Protection? posted at NoodleFood, saying, "This post outlines the basic reasons why business regulations are immoral and destructive violations of rights."

Edward Cline presents “Liberation” Ideology in Practice posted at The Rule of Reason, saying, "Scant news coverage has been devoted to the continuing chaos and brutality in Zimbabwe, once the "breadbasket" of Africa when it was known as Rhodesia (and for a few years after its "liberation" from white rule). It is now a destitute, starving nation whose citizens choose flight to neighboring states in search of food and employment—yet this decent into chaos is no mere accident."

Ari Armstrong presents Ben Stein's Expelled posted at, saying, "A new documentary featuring Ben Stein promotes intelligent design, arguing that evolution does not explain how life began. However, the fact that knowledge is limited does not justify a claim that God exists."

Kendall J presents Fire Sale posted at The Crucible & Column, saying, "There's a fire sale going on. Anyone interested in buying American goods and assets, (cheap!) shop now! Those bearing dollars need not apply. More examples of why there is one choice: lassiez faire!"

Gus presents A Charter Madrassa at Gus Van Horn. The government is partially funding a religious school in Minnesota.

Jenn presents Heh at Rational Jenn, saying "This is my new personalized Starbucks card!"

Thank you to everyone who participated! We'll be here next week, too, so be sure to check us out!

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