Thursday, April 24, 2008

Objectivist Round Up #40!

Welcome to the April 24, 2008 edition of the Objectivist Round Up!

In Honor of Earth Day

C. August presents How to Protect a Four Year Old from Earth Day? posted at Titanic Deck Chairs, saying, "This was a quick post about how to address Earth Day with a young child, and it turned into quite a popular topic, with comments from a number of Objectivist parents on everything from dealing with tough issues to homeschooling."

Darren Cauthon presents Earth Day Advice posted at Darren Cauthon, saying, "Here's a short little article I wrote to give my family and friends a different view of Earth Day. I also sent it to a local talk show, who read it over the air!"

Nicholas Provenzo presents The Earth Day Alternative posted at The Rule of Reason, saying "If the welfare of human life was the standard by which we judged industry and technology, there would be no reason to have a day like "Earth Day." Rather than the environmentalists parading their assault on anything and everything that is a mark of human existence on the planet, we would instead celebrate industry and technology as the very means by which mankind has moved into an era of happiness, health and prosperity."

Jenn presents Guess Where We're Going Today? at Rational Jenn. It's a look at our Earth Day activities, much of which involved small children chasing wildlife and professionals killing bugs.

Other Topics

Paul McKeever presents The Psychology and Morality of Buying Flowers for Your Lover posted at Paul McKeever. Hmmmm....I hope my husband reads this post! Or chocolate. I'd take chocolate! :o)

Stella presents The real price of pills posted at ReasonPharm, saying, "ReasonPharm is back after a bit of a hiatus with this short post on why a little bitsy pill can cost big bucks."

Flibbert presents Video: Islamo-Crazy Commentor posted at Flibbertigibbet, saying, "OK. I couldn't resist. This is my post about my very first hate-mail on YouTube and it came from an Islamo-Fascist who invited me to a death camp for being a raging homosexual.

I don't know about you, but I am inclined to think that if you're doing something to offend Islam, then you're doing something right."

I'm inclined to agree!

Ari Armstrong presents Americans Wary of Atheists posted at, saying, "A Gallup poll shows that 45 percent of Americans view atheists negatively. What are the basic reasons and implications of the polling data?"

Myrhaf presents Election Thoughts posted at Myrhaf, saying, "Here are my latest thoughts on the Presidential election."

From The Undercurrent

Rituparna Basu presents The Helpless French Mind posted at The Undercurrent.

Dan Edge presents Jimmy Carter Embraces Terrorism posted at The Undercurrent.

Laura Mazer presents A Tale of Two Economists posted at The Undercurrent.

The Editors present Consumer Protection in a Free Market posted at The Undercurrent.

That concludes this week's edition. Thank you to everyone for participating! Spread the word!

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Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Well, Jenn, I hope that this time I don't mess up the joke a la Earth Hour!

I was planning to spend Earth Day naked in a cave playing with stone knives and bearskins.
That was before the Engineering Geek pointed out that at my age, I ought to grateful for well-designed clothing and central heating.
After he came to, I had to admit that he was right. It was only 66 degrees in the house and so I pushed up the thermostat another two degrees. That's all the roughing it I can take at my advanced age--made possible by mechanized farming and antibiotics.

I spent earth day installing more memory on The Computer in the EG's office. The computer that has more memory than god.

But I still think the stone knives and bearskins would have been kind of fun. I was perfecting my Spock voice just for the day...

Rob said...

HAH! "Stone knives and bearskins"! LOL! How's that mnemonic memory circuit coming?

City On The Edge of Forever! DEFINITELY a Trekkie! :)

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Rob, you're absolutely right.

"Stone knives and bearskins" has stayed in memory all these years.

And I am a trekkie from way back.

And this time I did not leave out the punchline--ala Earth Hour comment.