Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Ooh! Spiffy!

The Ayn Rand Institute announced a new website: Atlasshrugged.com! Lots of companion material for the novel. Can't wait to investigate it further!


Stella said...

Thanks for pointing this out! I'm glad that ARI owns the atlasshrugged.com URL and has decided to populate it with so much intriguing content. From what I've heard, the movie will be much changed from the book, but hopefully some movie-watchers will find the site and discover good ideas from it.

C. August said...

It is a cool site, and in just one quick perusal I found an amazing resource. Click on "The Book and Its Ideas" and then "History of Atlas Shrugged". What you come to is a long and detailed account of the creative process Ayn Rand went through, including her research into steel and railroads, her letters about the research, her interactions with publishers, etc. It was fascinating.

Rational Jenn said...

Hi Stella! How are things? I hadn't thought about the good timing with the possible movie, but I think you're on to something there. If the movie sparks any kind of interest, then it's great that the ARI has the AS website up.

C--I checked out that section. Wow. The whole site is very awesome and I'm impressed with the thoughtfulness and detail that went into it.

I think the ARI is really producing some wonderful things--the Lexicon site, the AS site, the new movies on YouTube and more. I'd love to see them continue to offer more content for free (in addition to selling some of course). But I think "free" is a gift most people can't refuse looking into and from there, who knows? Very encouraging stuff.

C. August said...

I was particularly psyched to see the sales figures at the bottom of that history page.

"Most remarkable about a novel in print for 50 years is the increasingly strong trend in sales over recent years. Paperback sales by New American Library to the book trade averaged 77,600 copies a year in the 1980s, 95,200 copies a year in the 1990s, and in the current decade have averaged 134,600 a year. After 50 years, annual sales are reaching all-time highs."

Industry-wide book sales are going down -- drastically, as far as I've heard, anyway -- and yet the sales of AS look like Algore's hockey stick graph! (actually, it was Mann et al.'s graph, but Algore made it famous.)

Rational Jenn said...

That is seriously encouraging!

And you know, Al Gore invents stuff, he does, and so that hockey stick graph can be claimed by him, just like the internet.