Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Post Chock Full Of Linkage

The Rule of Reason will be our host blog for the next Objectivist Round Up, so all you Objectivist bloggers, send in your posts soon! Look for the latest edition sometime on Thursday.

Also coming up this Thursday, Leslea at Allergy News will host the next edition of the Living With Food Allergies carnival. Our special theme has to do with schools this time, but as always, other posts will be included in the edition. Use this link to submit a post (or two!).

To tide me over until Thursday, I'm going to check out the latest edition of the Carnival of Homeschooling--the April Fool's Day edition over at Why Homeschool.

Every April 1st, I can't help recalling the prologue to Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, which I had to memorize (in Middle English) in college. I remain amazed at how different the English language sounded 600 years ago. Listen to this clip!

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