Monday, April 28, 2008

The Secret To Buying Only What's On Your List At Costco

First--be about 7 months or so pregnant.

Second--drink a whole bunch of water or iced tea before you go. If you're extra daring, bring two small kids who have refused to go potty beforehand. :o)

That's it! That's The Secret! I only went to the aisles where I knew I needed things and just a couple more when I couldn't find something. I only bought about 5 things, nothing that we didn't need, and we were out of there in less than 30 minutes.

A personal best!


Firefly mom said...

Hmmm, I could have used this tip when we went to Costco (AKA the hundred dollar store) last week. Of course, I'm not pregnant and my son is 12, but I'm willing to bet if we down enough water before we go it would still work!

LB said...

Does this mean I'm doomed to a lifetime of buying every boxed set of movies that look even remotely interesting to me for the rest of my life (seeing that I'll never be pregnant again)? This is not good news.

On the bright side, with high blood pressure medication I'm on, I do have, use the facilities every 30 minutes or so, thereby periodically dampening my Costco buying high.

I have to go this weekend. I'm going to try to exercise sheer will power. Maybe it'll work this time.

Rational Jenn said...

Hi Firefly Mom--thanks for stopping by! I might start referring to Costco as the Hundred Dollar Store now--that's funny! By the way, I see by your profile that you like Firefly, so I guess that the Firefly in your name is a Mal Reynolds kinda firefly versus the insect kind? (Yay!)

LB--I think any medical condition which makes it a challenge to go for any length of time without, uh, going will work. Sheer will power is difficult for me in Costco, because of all the Great Prices and Neato Stuff. I get giddy and lose all sense of control. I had so much fun NOT overspending yesterday that I've resolved to put my bladder in charge of my will power from now on! Good luck with your excursion this weekend. :o)

Kim said...

I actually have a Costco membership but my husband hates (I'm sorry--HATES) going there because, as he says, 'no matter what we go there for, we always spend two-hundred dollars.' I'm afraid we're looking at the two-hundred dollar store.

Rational Jenn said...

Kim--yes, we usually end up spending between $150 and $200. I have stopped going there frequently, but I love the Kirkland brand AA batteries. When I find myself shelling out big bucks for Duracells, I go back to Costco and spend about $100 stocking up on batteries.

Batteries--really, the perfect gift for any new parent because until you have a child, you have no idea how many batteries you can possibly need or use in a lifetime!