Friday, April 04, 2008

Stormy Weather

The promised storms are beginning to roll in. We've heard the severe weather/tornado sirens twice already, and I expect to hear them again at some point this evening. Ryan has been practicing severe weather protocols all afternoon. He's a take-charge kinda guy: "Alright everybody, follow me and stay away from the windows! Let's move, people!" Direct quote.

I like using the laptop during storms, because I can check the weather without being plugged into the wall, and because we like to turn off our television projector when there's lightning, just in case. The laptop makes it easy for the kids and me to check the weather maps and listen to the updates. In between stormy patches, I can charge up the battery.

We're okay for now, because our one cat is a veritable weather vane and she's sitting right here next to me. When she goes slinkety-slunk down into the basement, I'll know to get ready to "move out, people!"

In the meantime, we're just hanging out, eating an early dinner, watching the first Harry Potter movie (they just entered the Forbidden Forest) and annoying the cats. Good times.


Monica said...

I'm jealous. We won't get thunderstorms for another couple of months... boo hiss.

Kim said...

Loving the storms and the take charge guy. Stressing about the tornado warnings!

My kids will occasionally watch all five Harry Potter movies in a row in their own marathon.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Wow. I've been thinking about you down there in Georgia as the news keeps reporting bad storms across the south.

We could use a cool head and strong voice like your Ryan's here when there is a very rare tornado--last year when one touched down near La Bajada Hill, all of us crazy New Mexicans went outside to watch. But they don't last long here, and this one went barely quarter of a mile before it hit a mesa and broke up.

Cozy up and I hope the cat give you no more warnings.