Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sunrise Post

Well, I've been awake since about 4am, all thanks to a girl who is having nightmares about the stickers on her wall moving. See, her bedroom walls are decorated with cute little flower and butterfly "wall clings." After months and months of just looking cute and adorable, they now wriggle menacingly in order to frighten the bejeebus out of her. Why they'd suddenly decide to do such a horrible thing to her (and us), I'm sure I don't know. Not what I expected from such pretty wall decorations! Perhaps I should have read the package more closely.

Maybe it's time for a nightmare-exorcism and/or weapons. Ryan used to keep a small bottle of water in his room: "monster spray" for those stubborn, hard-to-eliminate creatures that insisted on sneaking into his room and his head during the night. Worked on pirates, too, if I recall. Something's telling me that a spray bottle and Morgan would be a terrible combination. Guess we'll have to think of something else. I'm certain that she will freak out if we remove the stickers from the walls in the cold, rational light of day, but we may have to resort to such measures. I need sleep.

Really, her nightmare phase has been almost indescribably easier than Ryan's, but she tends to resist falling back asleep if awakened. Sure, Ryan would wake us all, screaming bloody murder several times a night, but we could usually get him to calm down and zoom off to sleep. Different kids, I guess.

Oh well. I suppose I should become reacquainted with this hour of the day, as I will be seeing it frequently come summer.

She has a lot of nerve, this child. Looking all cute, giggling her bubbly giggle. I mean, honestly, doesn't she know what time it is?


Allergy Mom said...

My son woke me up at 4ish, too. Bleah. He actually drew me a picture of a "purple closet monster" a couple weeks ago. It's a good thing he IS so cute!
I've been meaning to thank you for the long answer to my question about keeping the little mitts out of the allergens. I was afraid it would be something non-transferable to Mr. Grabby Hands!
Let me know when you'd like me to take another turn at the food allergy carnival. Hope you, the tummy, and the rest of the family are well!

Jennifer B said...

Boy, I sure can relate to that. Ugh. It's tough when you can't get back to sleep. Usually, at some point during the day (when it is not convenient to go back to sleep), I hit a wall and just drag through the rest of the day. Hope you and the rest of the family are able to take a nap during the day! Looking forward to your next post...

Monica said...

I used to dream that my kiddie stove and kitchen set would turn into a witch at night. I could still swear I could see the thing move!

Usually once I was asleep that was it. But I did give my parents a very hard time going to bed. I would try to draw out snack time ad infinitum. I would nibble my piece of American cheese bit by bit to make it last longer -- I guess having a snack in bed made me feel more secure. Usually I would wake up to 1/2 piece of really dried up American cheese the next morning :)

Rational Jenn said...

Allergy Mom--nice to know there are others living the 4am dream with me. And you're welcome about the allergy question. I'll definitely be contacting you about a future blog carnival, too. Thanks.

Jennifer B--did you know that my maiden name starts with a 'B'? No, you probably didn't. But anyway, since there at least 3 other Jennifers in any class I was in as a kid (sure you can relate), I was always "Jennifer B." so when you write me, I always look at your name and think of myself. (Okay--if that was strange, please ignore.) And yes, I also hit that wall, usually around 4pm when I'm absolutely good for nothing except staring into space and/or working the DVD controls. :o)

Monica--I hear you about the kitchen and stove. I had nightmares for years as a preteen/teenager about my stereo. See, it had this red light on it, and it looked just the the red glowing eye that featured in a horror story I had read, and if I left it on and saw it in the middle of the night . . . oh it was awful!