Sunday, May 25, 2008

By The Way, Thai Food

On Friday night, two of my bestest friends surprised me by taking me out for Thai food! I also got some gifts for the baby, but I would have been happy with just the Thai food. :o) I can't even remember how long it's been since I've had Thai--I think it was just before the Big Peanut Kaboom.

It was delicious. I even ate chicken satay, peanut sauce and all. Yum. But Ryan was still awake when I got home and even though I scrubbed down like a brain surgeon before I left the restaurant, I was very self-conscious about touching him. I made Brendan check him a couple of times and when Ryan had a HUGE coughing fit at about 2am, I couldn't help but wonder if I was still contaminated. Turned out it was nothing, just a coughing fit, but I'm questioning whether it's ultimately worth it to eat peanut stuff when I'm away from him. We've had enough experience with Mystery Hives to be reasonably certain that he is contact-sensitive.

Which leaves me with a big What To Do for Morgan, who needs to be exposed to peanuts from time to time. She tried PB&J about a month ago, and I was very careful to wash her off thoroughly, and again--everything was FINE. I must have done a good job, right? But there's still that nagging feeling at the back of the brain--was it good enough? It just drives me crazy. We really need some kind of airlock decontamination unit ala Star Trek, I think.

I know in my rational brain that all I really need are thorough clean up procedures, which I've done successfully so far. Maybe it will get easier with practice and experience.

Anyway, I didn't start this post to write about my peanut experience--it was to write about how OMG THAI FOOD ROCKS. Seriously!

So we're going to do a little cleaning up around here today, and Brendan, who spent half of yesterday at the office, will probably be spending this afternoon (as well as tomorrow) working. Self-employment is a blessing and a curse.

And we're also going to watch The Race! And if you are wondering what The Race is, then I must direct you to my post from about a year ago. Too bad I can't drink beer this year. Oh well.

Have a fun weekend!

4 comments: said...

My husband is "glued" the couch to watch "The Race"... the only time he ever watches anything that resembles sports. Perfect. That gives me time to blog and read and relax. :)

Rational Jenn said...

Hi Suchlovelyfreckles! Did your hubby enjoy The Race? Did you enjoy your alone time? :o)

We watched the whole thing and it was fun. My hubby doesn't really enjoy it as much as I do, but I put it down to him not drinking enough Hoosier water. The kids LOVED it.

Ria said...

Jenn, you mentioned that Morgan needs to be exposed to peanuts? Did she (?) outgrow a peanut allergy? I thought that you only had to have ONE single peanut to make sure she does not become re-sensitized? Is this right?

Rational Jenn said...

Hey Ria! The reason I said that Morgan should be exposed is I've read here and there (I'll find links later) that non-allergic siblings should be exposed on a periodic basis to peanuts in order to prevent the allergy.

She has never been allergic to peanuts--we avoided due to Ryan's allergy. She tested negative to peanuts and has successfully eaten them. So the idea is (I think) that semi-regular (how often? don't know) peanut exposure will continue to let her immune system know that peanuts are not the enemy.

I will try to find the links later. I'm interested--have you ever heard of this? It does make sense, but presents logistical problems since I'm not willing to keep peanuts in the house for Ryan's sake.