Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cradle? Bassinet?

It occurred to me over the weekend that our Pack-and-Play, which we used as a bassinet of sorts with our other two small babies, is up at the cabin! I don't want to remove it, since I know it gets used from time-to-time by our rental guests, and it's the very start of the rental season.

I'm pretty sure I can borrow one from someone, but I was also wondering about a real-live cradle or bassinet for the new critter. I know that there are people in our extended family waiting to hear about baby gift ideas. As a Third, there's not much we really need for him, so I haven't been able to come up with many ideas. But now I'm thinking--maybe? A cradle or something similar in which to plop baby from time to time?

Any suggestions? Brands, types? Is it a big waste of money? We have a little swing for him, and I seem to recall Morgan spending an inordinate amount of time sleeping in that. Let me know what you think--my mom is just DYING to spend some money! :o)


Anonymous said...

I vote pack and play. You can't take cradles and bassinets on vacation, and we sure borrowed your pack and play for a lot of vacations!


C. August said...

I agree with Kelly that a pack 'n play will be more versatile, especially since your other one is now effectively a business asset (i.e. tax write-off!)

RE: cradles/bassinets, we got one as part of a set with a crib and changing table, but only used it once for our first baby and never even took it out of storage for our second. It just took up space.

Rational Jenn said...

Kelly & C---thanks. My friend Marlene still has her pack & play, so I think we'll borrow that. Ours has a "bassinet" attachment on it, so you don't have to bend over all the way to the ground--I think hers does, too. Between that and the little swing (and the sling), I think he'll be just fine.

So now it's back to trying to convince people that $$ for college would be a fantastic gift! :o) And little bitty washcloths, diapers, etc. Not romantic, but more of what we need.

Flibbert said...

Well, I slept in a sock drawer for the first several months of my life, so if you're asking about actual *NEED* I would probably rank bassinets and the like very low.

Rational Jenn said...

Flibbert--my brother-in-law was also a dresser drawer baby for a time! He seems no worse for the experience.

No indeed, a bassinet is not a necessity, but they are generally cuter! And cute counts for a lot, as anyone who has ever set foot in Babies R Us can attest.

Seriously, the ONLY things this new baby actually NEEDS are diapers and washcloths. And college $$! I have also suggested that this baby be a Target Gift Card baby. But those are not fun, fancy, cutie things to buy for a new baby, hence the requests I'm getting for ideas.