Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hello, Census Bureau!

I forgot to mention that they stopped by one day last week, and I see on Site Meter that someone paid me a nice long visit just this morning. Hi!

Morgan is still battling Bad Guy Germs this morning, and the rest of us are trying to avoid getting entangled in a war that really shouldn't involve our personal selves (think of us as Switzerland, or America making a better decision about Iraq, perhaps).

So this will be a short post, I think. I did find a few things this morning that are worthy of mention, if not in-depth consideration (but I'll leave that to you).

Gus has Obama's latest misstatement, which would be funnier if the subject matter weren't so serious. But still.

Diana is redesigning NoodleFood, so if you typically read it via an RSS dohickey, as I do, you might want to stop by and check it out. Also, she recommends the book Battle Cry of Freedom in her Memorial Day post and I heartily second that recommendation. It was so informative and amazing--I should probably read it again. It's been years.

Monica has recipes! Notably, she has a recipe for peppermint ice cream! Doesn't that sound so summery?

And if you check The Gus Project (no relation to Mr. Van Horn) countdown on the sidebar, you will note that we are heading into the home stretch. Someone recently remarked on my (apparent) calmness about the whole thing and I replied that I'm on a one-way train and there's just really nothing I can do to stop it. Especially now.

So anyway, after Gus arrives, I'll need some bloggy assistance. If you are interested in hosting a June, July, or August edition of the Objectivist Round Up or Living with Food Allergies blog carnival, please let me know! I have lots of volunteers for the Objectivist carnival, but still need to fill in some dates. And the Food Allergy carnival is pretty much wide open! I'd hate for my impending downtime to disrupt the momentum of either one of these carnivals. So let me know if you can host!

And that's it for now. The little one wants to play chess. !!!! (She can set up the board, but is a bit fuzzy on the rules.) Which reminds me that I need to write up a chess post soon.


Mamique said...


I'd be happy to host one or more of the Allergy Carnival(s). Just let me know how to go about it.

I'm not read very much, though. Don't know if that matters.

Good luck with the Gus 'project' ;-)

Jennifer B said...


I can host an Allergy Carnival (or two). Let me know.

I hope that you are feeling well--I remember counting the weeks and then days till the due date (and c-section date).

Best, Jennifer B.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe the Census Bureau folks are still bothering you! Were you home?
It's been quiet here since the phone calls stopped. Little baby girl decided to surprise us 5 weeks early so I'll definitely be home for awhile if they do show up here!
How much longer before Gus' arrival? Jen

Rational Jenn said...

Thanks, Mamique and Jennifer B! I'll be contacting you soon to get details. I appreciate it!

And hello, not-so-pregnant Jen! Congrats on your baby girl! What a surprise that must have been. I trust everything is moving along nicely. I should have been plainer in my post--but when I mentioned that the CB "stopped by" I meant that they had paid a visit to the blog. We've only had that one personal encounter at the house. But I do think it's very interesting that they keep visiting me here at my blog! :o) Good luck with the new baby!

cathy said...

I expect the CB minions to lurk on sites and bloggs to gather info on why people are resisting. If they were smart, they'd start looking for another job - no telling how long the CB will last in its present form after wasting money on the handheld computers. How embarrassing!