Thursday, May 29, 2008

Living With Food Allergies Carnival

Welcome to the May 29, 2008 edition of the Living with Food Allergies carnival! We have a great big carnival this time, with many interesting contributions. Enjoy!

Of Interest To Your Wallet

Victoria Groce presents Allergy Eating on a Budget posted at Food Allergies.

Jennifer B presents Grocery Shopping for Food Allergies with Nutrifilter posted at Food Allergy Buzz, saying, "Isn't this a great innovation? Hopefully Peapod will add the rest of the top 8 food allergens to their filters in the coming months."

Summer's Almost Here!

Nowheymama presents Amusing? Sometimes posted at No Whey, Mama, saying, "Here are some tips for summer amusement park visits."

Leslea Harmon from presents Summer camp! posted at Allergy News Blog, saying, "Time to send your little darlings off to summer camp? Here are some action steps to consider, and a link to a full article on the topic."

Life with Food Allergies

chupieandjsmama presents The Little Man gets his groove on posted at Our Story. Comes complete with cutie-pie pictures!

Jenny presents Life Lessons for Mom from the Peanut-Free Table posted at The Nut-Free Mom, saying, "Here's some food for thought about what goes on at my daughter's peanut-free lunch table." Welcome, Jenny!

Jenny presents The Peanut Avenger!!! posted at The Nut-Free Mom, saying, "If only we food allergy parents really had superpowers! It doesn't hurt to fantasize...." Right there with you. Wish I had x-ray vision so I could see what's inside the lunches of the kids at the playground. :o)

Ria Sharon presents A Twinkie Is Not Food posted at Check My Tag Community. It's not? :o)

Libby presents Allergic Reaction at School posted at The Allergic Kid. I'm so glad he's okay and it sounds like you've made some positive changes to his emergency plan. We can all learn from reading about Libby's experience.

Jenn presents Great News! at Rational Jenn, saying "My brave boy chose to undergo skin testing for tree nuts and turns out he's not allergic. I wasn't going to make him, but he decided to go for it. Now who knows where we can find peanut-free nuts (besides Blue Diamond almonds)?"

Jenn presents By The Way, Thai Food at Rational Jenn, saying "I ate peanut sauce with wild abandon the other evening--and then drove myself nuts (ha!) for the rest of the night, concerned that I hadn't washed up well enough. Now I find myself questioning whether or not it's worth the stress."

And of course, Recipes!

chupieandjsmama presents Pizza pasta posted at Mom's Food Allergy Diner.

Alisa presents Get Your Waffle Irons Ready posted at Go Dairy Free, saying, "In honor of the first Multi-city vegan waffle party, I posted a variety of egg-free, dairy-free waffle related delicacies ... hearty, fluffy, gluten-free, whipped "cream", you name it!"

Libby presents Oatmeal Raisin Cookies posted at The Allergic Kid, saying, "These egg, dairy, and nut free cookies are chewy and delicious. No one will suspect that they are different until they ask for the recipe!"

Ooh! Fun!

Alisa presents Go Dairy Free | June Giveaway Mixes Baking, Gluten-Free, and Food Allergy-Friendly into Three Great Prizes posted at Go Dairy Free, saying, "It is finally posted, three gift giveaways of gluten-free essentials baking mixes, which are made in a nut-free facility."

That concludes this edition. Leslea is hosting our next edition June 12 at Allergy News! Submit your blog article to the next edition of the Living with Food Allergies Carnival using our carnival submission form.

Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Allergy Mom said...

Jenn, thanks for a great carnival, as always, as well as your concern for the little boy. Reading through the submissions, I just realized that the carnival bears a remarkable resemblance to my google reader! Libby

Leslea from said...

This carnival really turned out great and I got a lot out of it!

Hope you're feeling good, Mama!