Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day, Part 2

We had a lovely day today. Which actually began yesterday, with a trip to the Georgia Mineral Society's annual rock show, and seeing Jon Stewart live. (He was entertaining, but I didn't find him hysterically funny.) Thankfully, no tornadoes visited our area of town, although lots of enormous thunder woke me up in the middle of the night.

This afternoon, we went to Build A Bear at the mall and made a bear called Gus for the baby. The name has officially been switched to the bear, since we have decided on his first name, but I won't reveal it until after he arrives. The kids each got to kiss a heart and put it inside the baby's bear, and they helped stuff and fluff it, too. Very sweet.

Of course we talked with our moms, too, and it was bittersweet to learn that the annual Mother's Day brunch in honor of Brendan's grandmother took place today, the first Mother's Day after she died. We miss her, too.

Later, Brendan and the kids hung curtains in Morgan's room, which was essential for a couple of reasons. Naturally, her purple gingham curtains make her room even that much cuter, but hanging them up also removed them from their resting spot of several months--the crib! There's a long story about why it's taken so long get those flipping things hung up, and it involves losing a decent-sized drill somewhere in our house and having to buy a new one (among other things), but I won't go into it now. Maybe someday when Brendan has a sense of humor about it. Which will be never because hanging curtains is one of his least favorite things to do in life, even though it's an opportunity to use power tools. So, thanks, sweetie! That was a very nice Mother's Day present--although where the heck is my iPod? (Kidding!)

Then Brendan took the crib apart so that we could move it down the hall to our 4th Bedroom/Guest Room/Room of Crap For Which We Can't Find A Better Spot/Baby's Room. I have decluttered it quite a bit in the last month or two, so it's less crap-filled than usual. And thanks to my friend, the new things we are decorating the room with make it very pleasant in there. So we're making progress. Not sure if I'll have the wherewithal to actually paint it myself (super-sensitive to smells these days, plus, you know, the hot flashes and pregnancy aches and pains), but I'll at least consider it on occasion. One day, when the baby is 4 years old, I'll get pissed off and finally do it. That seems to be in keeping with how we handle home improvement projects as a rule.

In addition to these thrilling escapades, I washed the first load of baby laundry, and a whole bunch of regular laundry besides, watched Brendan give Ryan a "regulation haircut" with buzzers, took a long walk with Ryan, soothed a distraught little girl who accidentally let go of her Hello Kitty birthday balloon outside on an extremely windy day (oh, the humanity!), edited pictures of The Messy Party for the FamBlog, and decidedly chose NOT to do the dishes. All in all, a good day.

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Kim said...

I have never decorated a 'nursery.' I decorate pre-schooler's rooms. And then I decorate them without baby stuff so I won't have to do it again for, say, 15 years or so. My husband figures that once he's painted a room, he's done. If I ever ask him to paint it again (like the color is just horrifyingly ugly), he'll say "I just painted that room seven years ago." End of discussion. Thus my little boy has a pinky-pink pink room right now. Probably until he's three.