Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Speed Racer Tonight!

We're going to our second movie this month tonight: Speed Racer. I wrote about our excitement to see it a little while ago, and we are still excited, despite the general boos and hisses from those who have seen it.

I'm not one to listen to critics generally anyway--I like to make up my own mind. I was hoping my dad would report on it, since they see movies frequently, but they decided not to see it last weekend because of the reviews. Oh, argh!

We did see Iron Man last week and it was fun. I had very few specific expectations for that movie, and I find that always helps, don't you? The humor in it was unexpectedly delightful. Not Movie of the Century, but worth seeing for sure.

Anyway, I'll let you know how Speed Racer turns out. I'm sure it won't be Movie of the Century either, but I'm hoping for an entertaining time.

Really, a lot of the fun of getting to go see it at the theater is leaving the kids at home with the sitter! We're trying to cram in a whole bunch of movie-seeing this month before the baby arrives, knowing that it will be oh-so-long before we'll be free to see movies at will. Indiana Jones is next!

Then we'll probably have to wait until the Fall to see another movie. Have I mentioned that I already have birthday-related movie plans? (eek!)


natasha said...

its so depressing to see speed racer crash and burn like that..i really expected it to kick iron man off the charts..check out this crazy stand up comedy clip i found about crappy cars..wonder if speed would look just as hot riding one of these..funniest thing ive seen in months

patrick said...

The Wachowski bros certainly put a lot of effort into making Speed Racer... but the movie overall looked and felt like a cross between anime, a kaleidoscope, that Flintstones movie, a video game and the Dukes of Hazard