Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Another Way To Save Money At Costco

Brendan and I had our last Big Night Out all by ourselves yesterday. We plan to resume regular BNOs in the fall--Baby will probably have to accompany us for a while, but the nice thing about little babies is that you can have a conversation around them and not have to spell things or otherwise encode your conversation for those without appropriate security clearance.

So what did we do last night? We had a nice dinner and went to Costco. Yup, last night of alone time for a long while and we spent a good portion of it at Costco! This is a very lame thing to admit, but it was fun. It's a nice place get a bit of post-dinner exercise (which is something we've been making a very regular habit of doing) and pick up a few things as well. And it's extra special not to have to bring the kids.

I was bummed though--Costco did not have my favorite wine! It's been a reliable source for a couple of years now and I'm all let down! The good news is that my grocery store now carries it, but not at Costco prices, sadly. I may have to write a letter because this is a tragedy.

But anyway, here's your Costco Money Saving Tip from me: if you don't want to spend tons of money at Costco, then be sure to go in the convertible and not the minivan. It's brilliant, no?

If you don't have access to a convertible or Mini Cooper or motorcycle or other ridiculously small vehicle, then borrow one before you go to Costco. And then you'll only buy what you (mostly) really, really need.

You're welcome. I'm just full of good Costco-related advice lately.


Monica said...

Tough, isn't it, to not spend $$ there? We went to Costco last week-end and spent over $250. ug.

It has become one of my favorite stores, though. You just can't beat cheap stuff in bulk these days! After all, who could resist buying 3 cans of whipped cream all at once? (We currently have two left but they are a half year old... I'm kind of wondering if the stuff is actually safe to eat now... I don't see an expiration date. Ho hum.)

Seriously, though -- their mesclun mix is an awesome deal. And I got a 3 man tent there for only $50.

Austin Chu said...

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