Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Happy Monday

My sis is here! Which is nice, because my parents and grandfather are coming tomorrow and I need all the backup I can get. While my parents can be, uh, difficult, I am glad they're coming, and I'm thrilled that my grandfather is with them. Now if I can somehow bewitch my house clean in time for their arrival, I'll be set.

Ryan's tentative diagnosis from the eye doctor: ocular migraines. I don't know what to think. He has some of the symptoms (flashing lights), but not really all of them. Poor thing had to get his eyes dilated for the exam--everything is normal, thankfully. If you know anything about this condition, let me know!

Not his easiest doctor visit. Now he says he's never telling us anything ever again, because every time he does, he has to go to the doctor! I don't know how to handle that other than to let him vent his anger/frustration at having to go through tests at the doctor's and to reiterate how important it is to tell us stuff so that we can get it fixed. Didn't help that the doctor and staff were not at all child-friendly--which is not how I remember him and not their reputation. Did they have a case of the Mondays? Evidently, nobody even tried to engage Ryan in conversation about why he was there, talking over him to Brendan (who deferred to Ryan, of course). I remember hating that when I was a kid--and I think it's just inexcusable for anyone working in any pediatric field. We'll find someone else for the recommended 6 month follow up.

So I'm disappointed in how the appointment went, wondering about this diagnosis, and relieved that everything is okay with his eyes. I guess this ocular migraine thing is more of a neurological thing--we are trying to decide about going to see a neurologist.

In more cheerful news, Auntie brought window markers, and now all of our windows have been decorated within an inch of their lives. Very festive! Also, I got very decent sleep last night--for the last few nights, actually. Of course I know that it won't last (ah, the blissful ignorance of parenting your first child is shattered by the time your last child comes around). So I'm living in the moment and enjoying it very much!


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Tell Ryan that I just hated being talked over at the doctor's office, too. Once they decided to lance and infected knee without once telling me what that meant so I could psych myself up for it.

Good luck getting the house ready for your visitors. Of course, they're there to see your baby not your house, right?

Well, you got a few good nights of shut-eye in! May it last for a while. Funny, but my first never slept for more than a few hours in her first year, but my second was a sleeper and began sleeping for an acceptable approximation of a night at two months!

Kim said...

Too bad about Ryan's diagnosis. Is it the same as migrain headaches? I've never had a migraine but I've heard they're terrible. Thank goodness there are some new medicines that look good--if he needs them.

Good luck with the baby stuff! Housework is the least of your concerns. At least it was the last of mine.

I think now is a good lesson for the little ones on how to wash windows!

LB said...

I’ve been through the same “Then, I’m not going to tell you anything” thing with my kids. But they always end up telling me everything anyway. It’s really a skill to be able to separate kid’s own physical assessments into what needs medical attention, and what just needs a mental note.

Flashing lights in the eyes sent me, an adult, flying to the doctor. My diagnosis was more along the lines of “Nothing’s wrong. If it gets worse, come back”. So, despite the unpleasantness of the visit, it seems that Ryan’s time at the ophthalmologist was well spent.

One thing to remember with the window markers, the longer the designs stay on the windows, the more elbow grease you need to wipe them off (hint: December to April is too long)! The colors come off quickly, they just seem to leave a persistent cloudy outline.

Rational Jenn said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

EHL--what made it worse for Ryan is that the doctor clearly did not believe him. I mean, you certainly have to take what a child says with a grain of salt, but to completely doubt his story--in FRONT OF HIM--is another matter. That makes me really angry, especially for someone practicing in a pediatric field.

Kim--ocular migraines don't usually cause pain--thankfully, but they are kinda sorta related to regular migraines. Still don't quite understand it myself--and am not convinced that's what's really going on. I've asked R to draw me a picture of the flashing lights and I hope that helps the next doc.

And he already LOVES to wash windows, so I think we'll be on that plan very soon! And housework is almost never a priority for me anyway, but it would be nice for my grandpa to have a clear space to walk through my family room--see how considerate of my guests I am? :o)

LB--Thanks for the advice about not leaving the marker on too long. Voice of experience!

I agree it was definitely worth it to take him in. I try to refrain from being a paranoid mommy, but eyesight is pretty important and I'm glad we got it checked. Despite the doc's "bedside" manner, I don't doubt that he is competent to assess the physical aspects of R's vision. I hope your flashing thing has gone away for good. That must be very strange and scary.

And it's so reassuring to know your kids still told you everything anyway. I suspect Ryan will continue to talk talk talk, but it worries me that he's considering not telling us stuff.

Ryan O'Shea said...

While I hope it's not a name-related problem, I have suffered migraines from Ryan's age-now 25. The ONLY effective treatment(short of high-dose Excedrin at every occurrence) I have ever been prescribed is a daily dose of Inderal LA (80 mg).

Inderal is prescribed for migraines, hypertension, inoperable brain tumors and performance anxiety. For migraines, it is a preventative and is VERY effective-something like a 95% decrease in occurrence. For those that sneak through, there are other prescriptions I could recommend-Midrin or Maxalt being the best. Midrin is a blood-red capsule that I jokingly called my Vampire pill. Ryan might like that! My behavior changed only slightly-I became a bit 'lighter' in my disposition and a tad less inhibited. I have experienced no side effects.

My migraines are also ocular in nature, though I have never heard the term until now. These seem to be triggered by fluorescent lights and are indicated by severe light sensitivity and nausea. Other causes I encounter are MSG and cashew allergies and walking through the Fragrance section of a department store.

Anyway, I wish you and, of course, Ryan the best of luck in treatment and diagnosis. Migraines are a nightmare and you can tell him that THIS Ryan knows well the pain he suffers.

Cheers! And congratulations, mom!

-Ryan O.

Ryan O'Shea said...

one note-

I did not follow the link about ocular migraines and assumed that this meant something like 'triggered by vision anomalies'. When you assume...

if Ryan's migraines are not painful-how fortunate for him!-then what I suggested may not necessarily be relevant. for instance, my treatment does wonders for the pain, yet has enabled me now to pay attention to the other symptoms that are not painful-I still know I'm having a migraine, it just doesn't hurt.

either way, i'm much more confident with my latest (and first) post on HBL than I am about migraines.

Ryan O.