Wednesday, June 18, 2008

In Which I Remind You About My Love For Buffy, The Vampire Slayer

So anyway, Brendan and I don't watch regular television programming anymore. Well--I don't. He still catches The Daily Show and The Colbert Report on a regular basis. Very occasionally, I turn the tv on while I'm folding laundry (especially if Food Network has a candy making or cake baking contest to the death!). But I really have no use for regular tv. Rather just watch good stuff when it's convenient for me.

Which is, of course, all the time. In the last few years, we've watched 24 and Bones and The Office and Firefly and Veronica Mars, to name a few favorites. Also: Buffy.

We are currently in the beginning of the 6th season of BTVS, for the second time around. It is so good. Witty and action-packed. Funniest evil villains ever--The Mayor, Glory, The Geek Squad. I'm not even minding the doom and gloom of season 6 so much this time around, because I know how certain things are going to play out.

And last night! Last night was "Once More, With Feeling" night! I've just been a-boppin' to the songs all day long.

Seriously--so good. I can't wait until the kids are old enough to watch it (which will be a good long while). Honestly, Firefly was better, but there wasn't as much of it, which is terribly mean and tragic, if not outright evil. We watch Firefly every few months or so. But Buffy is more satisfying, in a way, since there is more to work with.

Okay, I'm done now.


Kelly said...

Thumbs up for Firefly and cake baking contests. Or baking cakes while watching firefly....Shiny :)

Anonymous said...

Seasons 3 and 6 of BTVS ranks as some of the best television ever. It was the reason we bought our first TIVO. My wife forgot to tape an episode on the old VHS. That Saturday, we both went straight to Best Buy and shelled out the big bucks for our first real DVR.

As to regular TV, my guilty pleasure is Hell's Kitchen. There is a small (emphasis small) Randian element to Gordon Ramsey. He actually demands perfection and rewards excellence. A rarity I'm afraid in these days.