Thursday, June 12, 2008

Objectivist Round Up #48!

Welcome to the June 12, 2008 edition of the Objectivist Round Up! Glad you could stop by. Each week, the Objectivist Round Up features some of the best work by Objectivist bloggers from, well actually, from all over the world (waving to Mr. Cresswell!).

If perusing the following posts leaves you wondering about the philosophy of Ayn Rand, called Objectivism, then you can find no better place on the web to learn more about her and her philosophy than the Ayn Rand Institute.

Here we go!

Greg Perkins presents Why the New Atheists Can't Even Beat D'Souza: Morality and Life posted at NoodleFood, saying, "How can people be moral without God? The 'New Atheists' stumble badly in debate against Christian apologist Dinesh D'Souza when addressing issues such as this. In this article, I explain how their struggle flows from three patches of confusion that are widespread in secular thought -- confusions that actually prevent the pursuit of a truly objective, scientific approach to values and morality. This the last in a series of four pieces exploring key weaknesses in the New Atheists' philosophical foundation -- and illustrating how D'Souza wouldn't stand a snowball's chance against an Objectivist."

Tom Stelene presents Al-Kafir Akbar!: Plebeianism & Philosophy posted at Al-Kafir Akbar!.

Burgess Laughlin presents The third greatest sacrifice? posted at Making Progress, saying, "This post is the last in a series of posts about Ayn Rand's idea of central purpose in life--and my views on how to implement it."

Stephen Bourque presents Roosevelt’s Fiat posted at One Reality.

Damon Payne presents TRUE deregulation is the only answer for the cable industry posted at Damon Payne.

Ari Armstrong presents Open Letter to Senators McCain and Obama posted at, saying, "This controversial post states the reasons for my anticipated presidential vote. Even those who disagree with my analysis might find it useful to send their comments directly to the candidates."

Paul Hsieh presents NoodleFood: Religion, Corporate Activism, and Universal Health Care posted at NoodleFood, saying, "Yet another unholy alliance between religious activists and secular leftists."

Stella presents I don't want to have to feel this way about cancer. posted at ReasonPharm, saying, "This last-minute entry is just my quick reaction to the fact that cancer treatment is getting pricier all the time."

Peter Cresswell presents Not PC: Meet the enfeebled, Part 2 (updated) posted at Not PC, saying, "Global warming is already having an impact in New Zealand, which stands like a 'canary in the mine' for other countries on how government-led action on "climate change" will affect their own production and prosperity.

This post charts the gradual enfeeblement of the lifeblood of New Zealand industry -- the generation and supply of electrical power -- under a Kyoto-inspired ban on new thermal power stations, and an egregiously anti-industrial law called the Resource Management Act."

Edward Cline presents The Year of the Long Knives: Part I posted at The Rule of Reason, saying, "Now that Barack Obama has unofficially won the Democratic presidential nomination, it is time to place this ambitious man under a microscope for closer examination."

Diana Hsieh presents Letter to the Editor on Colorado's Personhood Amendment posted at NoodleFood, saying, "The Denver Post published my letter to the editor opposing the proposed "personhood amendment" to the Colorado's constitution. That amendment would give full rights to a fertilized egg, thus endangering not just abortion but also birth control and in virtro fertilization."

That concludes this week's edition! Next week's edition will be at The Crucible & Column, and if you are interested in checking out who is scheduled to host the next several editions, you can always go to our carnival homepage. We have a number of great bloggers lined up for hosting duties in the next weeks (thanks!). You may just discover a new favorite to add to your feed-reader!

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Chris Sandvick said...

Actually Ed Cline is all the way up to part III of his series so scroll up to check 'em all out!

PC said...

Waving back from across the Pacific. :-)

Shez said...

gave you a link on my blog. thanks for the good read.