Sunday, June 15, 2008

Oh, The Thinks I've Been Thinking

I have actually been blogging this weekend! No, really! I'm working on a monster post for the old FamBlog, which includes 109 pictures. Oh yes it does! It's obviously not ready for posting just yet, but I'll let you know when it's up.

I've been keeping a little list of things I've been meaning to tell you about. So here they are, in no particular order:

For those of you who are interested in getting a hold of some grass-fed beef (yum), look no further than La Cense Beef. Last year, we went in with some friends and purchased half a side of grass-fed beef and it was delicious and convenient and we've been missing it this year. Then I found La Cense somehow on the internets! We recently tried some and it is so. good. Expensive, though--you have been warned--the half side of beef plan is much more economical, but La Cense makes up for this default somewhat by being all convenient and prewrapped. Oh! And it comes packed in dry ice, and you know that's always a good time. :o) If you want to learn about the health benefits of grass-fed beef, then click here. Or just go visit Monica, who has written extensively about such matters, too.

If you have Woodworking Peopleguy kinds of kids (ages 5 - 12) in your family, then be sure to check out the Kid's Workshops at your local Home Depot. (If that link doesn't work, go to the Know-How Center and then you can find Kid's Workshops down on the left menu.) Around here, the classes are held on the first Saturday of each month and it's FREE. Brendan and Ryan have attended the last two (at the Home Depot that the peopleguys very kindly decided to locate about 5 minutes from our house). The kids get a real Home Depot Peopleguy apron to take home (Ryan wears his days at a time now), and all of the wood and hardware and paint and tools to complete the project. (Alas, you have to leave the tools there though.) Ryan made me a pencil holder for Mother's Day (I LOVE IT) and last week, they built a catamaran!

As an aside, Brendan is also one of the only parents who actually allows his child to complete the project in his own way. Too many other parents are nitpicky and weird about which color the thing gets painted, etc. Very strange. The only things that Brendan does are hold pieces together or help with gluing, and that's only when Ryan requests such assistance. I'm sure my blog readers are not the types to take over such projects, so I'm asking a rhetorical WHY? Why would you take your kid to a class like that and then not let him do the project?

Moving on, I'm reading The Highly Sensitive Child (on my Kindle!) by Elaine Aron, and it's really good. Both of my kids, but especially Ryan, are what you might call "highly sensitive." And "sensitive" in this sense is not "gets feelings hurt easily" it's more "hyper aware of everything that's going on around them and can get easily overwhelmed/overstimulated by the world." That's a very nutshell summary--she has a website if you are interested in learning more. Anyway, her book has been very enlightening to me (also a highly sensitive type) and has helped me gain some insight into parenting Mr. Ryan. And by parenting, I mostly mean that I am better able to figure out when I am becoming overwhelmed and making myself take a break before I work us both up into craziness. Parenting the parent, I guess--but it's necessary, because one of us has to act like a grownup sometimes, and I suppose it might as well be me. :o)

Thanks to 3 Ring Binder, I discovered a neat-o science site with fun projects for the whole family. A few days ago, we made our own butter! Very tasty and I was surprised to see it get that yellow color (made out of regular old heavy whipping cream). It's nice that I "know" so many other homeschoolers who keep blogs with science info, so that I don't have to look very hard to find things like this.

Oh! Oh! Oh! I can't believe that this wasn't the very first thing I remembered to write about! From the folks who brought us the Buffy Sing Along (and who are currently trying to bring it back to us,), a new Sing Along has been created that is MORE EXCITING THAN BUFFY. Yes, I said it. I really had an enormous amount of fun at the Buffy Sing Along here in Atlanta last September. It was all I dreamt it could be and more. (Sigh.) But this new show will be even better than Buffy. Seriously.

Are you ready? It's: XANADU! I am so thrilled to be bringing you this important news! So far, it's only showing in New York, but I need to write them to express my own personal intense need (not desire) to have the Xanadu Sing Along come to Atlanta. Brendan has a deep personal connection to Xanadu, and I was initiated early on in our relationship to the wonders (and yes, horrors) that can be found in this 1980 musical extravaganza.

Whereas the Buffy Sing Along was fun and exciting because of how great the episode ("Once More, With Feeling") is and how awesome the entire series is, Xanadu will be fun because of the cheese. Yes, I love Xanadu, but not in the same way as I love Buffy. Buffy can be scary, what with vampires and demons and bunnies, but Xanadu is scary in a different way. Because Gene Kelly was in it (oh, poor Gene!), and because the acting is terrible ("Maybe guys like me weren't meant to dream."), and the costumes are so cheesy 80s as to scar one's psyche. There's more--the connection to Coleridge's poem, and the cartoon sequence, and the conversation with Zeus--oh, it's so awful that it's delightful, if you take my meaning.

I'll reserve my front row seat waaaaaay in advance. Because it's so damn perfect and exciting. Eek!

So there you go, a smattering of Important Things I've Been Pondering Lately (aside from the impending baby, of course). You knew I was multi-faceted, yes? :o)

And now I'm off to celebrate Father's Day with my kids and Brendan (Daddy Extraordinaire). I leave you with a snippet of a song to run around your head all day:

A million lights are dancing
And there you are

A shooting star

An everlasting world

And you're here with me


Now we are here
In Xanadu


Jennifer said...

Hey, it's the other Jenn in GA from the peanut boards. I know you have just a bit on your hands right now (Super big congrats there!) but was wondering if you could offer any assistance in the local food allergy group. I have registered twice and have yet to receive a response. I really think the boys would benefit and oh yeah, me more! You can reach me at

PS If you like Le Cense, you may love TallGrass. We tried LeCense between orders and went right back to TallGrass Beef. YUMMMY!

Rational Jenn said...

Hi Jennifer! Thanks for stopping by! Hope things are well with you and your family and that things are well on the food allergy front.

I'll send you an email, and thanks for the tip about TallGrass! I'll have to check them out!