Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Once Again

I'd like to welcome the Census Bureau to Rational Jenn. I've had two separate visits today, one at 8:50am and one at 9:33am. Both visitors came directly to my post of May 20--no search necessary. The second visit included a look at my profile!

I admit--I'm curious about these visits. It was one thing when someone over there searched on the term "American Community Survey" and found me. Kind of another thing, though, just coming on over to the blog every couple of weeks or so. It's been nearly 3 months since we had our one and only personal visit to the house. But they keep showing up here.

I know that they don't get 100% compliance on this survey--it's just not possible. And as far as I know, nobody's been prosecuted for refusing. I suppose they are just trying to keep on top of those of us who have refused to complete that outrageous invasion of privacy. You know, finger on the pulse and all.

It has crossed my mind that at some point the Census Bureau is going to want to make an example of someone. I wonder what I'll do if it's me. What I know for certain is that I would do my very best to make sure that every single person on the planet knows about it. :o)

They keep coming. And I am compelled to acknowledge their presence each and every time. Because while it creeps me out a little bit, I'm not afraid. And people need to know about this. My information needs to be private, but THIS does not. This, as well as every other invasion of individual rights perpetrated by our government, needs to be advertised loudly and vigorously. If we are silent, it makes their jobs easier. And why make the path to tyranny easier?


Kelly said...

Jenn, you rock. I've been reading for a few months and I love your humor and intelligence. I wish my husband and I lived closer to you guys. I'm sure we'd all have a good time together.

All the best and good luck with those census rats!

Kelly Edge

Jennifer B said...

That is so odd that you keep seeing visits from Census in your stats! Funny!

I enjoy reading your blog. Hope you (and Gus!) are feeling fine!

Rational Jenn said...

Thanks, both of you! I appreciate your support!

Kelly--we'll definitely have to think of a way to get together sometime! I'd love to meet both you and Dan in person. :o)

Jennifer--Gus and I are doing well--only 2 more days to go. Wish me luck!