Friday, June 27, 2008

One Of Those Days

Man, have we had a day today! It began with Morgan waking up, somehow not being able to find us (forgot where our room was?), and becoming hysterical. Still a little traumatized from my hospital stay, as it turns out. Poor thing.

Then, as Brendan was leaving to take the kids to swimming, we discovered that the battery on the Mommy Mobile (the minivan) was dead. Completely and utterly. So they took the convertible and rode to swimming lessons in style.

But we haven't been able to get the battery back. Jumping it has worked, but only briefly. No worries, not like we need to take Nonnie to the airport tomorrow or anything. !!! Yikes. I'm sure we'll figure something out, but it's really bad timing. Big pain.

Also, Brendan got to take Ryan to the pediatrician this afternoon! 'Cause, you know, we were just there Wednesday and are going back next week!

Yesterday, Ryan mentioned in a very conversational way that he sees "dots" and "colory flashing lights" everywhere he looks. He sees them "all the time" (like the kid from The Sixth Sense). A call into the pediatrician this morning resulted in this afternoon's appointment and a referral to the eye doctor. There are several possibilities as to what's going on--the leading theory is that he is super verbal (yes) and the kind of person who notices everything (uh huh) and has just simply articulated the experience of seeing floaters or stars or all those things we see when we stand up too fast or squeeze our eyes tightly. But since eyesight is one of those Very Important Things, it's best to get it checked. Fortunately, the pediatric ophthalmologist that I like can see him Monday morning.

Happy things have happened, too: a good friend came for a visit to snuggle with Baby, we got lots of pictures printed so I can give them to the great-grandparents (most of whom are not internet-savvy), and bonus ice cream sandwiches with lunch! Not a total wash, but still. One of those days!


Jennifer B said...

Hello! Just got back from our annual summer trip and see you are back too! CONGRATULATIONS! Hope you will get really restful sleep when those opportunities to sleep appear! Best, JenniferB

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

How is your recovery coming, New Momma? I hope you are resting and relaxing, enjoying the nursing and getting some sleep.

And your Ryan sounds much like my N. when he was younger, and even more like the CGP when she was Ryan's age. I think you've got quite a kid, there!