Sunday, June 01, 2008

Some Sunday Randomness

After a whole week of being basically confined to the house, we're all a bit over it and ready to get back out there in the world. The kids are better now, but have these horrible coughing fits after any amount of physical exertion. So we're taking it slow. But they're itching to get back to full strength, which includes bikes and walks around the neighborhoods and visits to the playground and the neighborhood pool and swimming lessons and running around like crazy people.

Me, I'm kind of glad to take it slow, as I am beginning to slow down myself. Still got that nesting thing working for me, so I've completed many projects around the house. In the past week, I've collected 2 boxes of books to donate, 2 boxes of toys to donate (shhh . . . that one was a covert op), and collected 3 bags of trash from the playroom (again, don't tell). I'm jumping up and down (figuratively, of course) for joy!

Now if I can just get to that pantry project I've been planning for the last month! Maybe tomorrow. That will take the better part of the day, since I want to completely empty it out and clean it before restocking it. Also, there will be "help" which often hinders as much as facilitates our progress toward the goal.

And . . . ack! It's June already! Way back in October when I took my pregnancy test and was SHOCKED at the results, June seemed lightyears away. And now it's here.

I just figured out today that he will be a Summer Solstice baby, since the solstice officially happens at 7:07pm on June 20. How cool! (He should arrive a bit earlier in the day though.)

Here's another thing I learned today: It's very difficult to "throw" a game of UNO. Candyland is difficult, too, unless you're me and pick the Peppermint Forest card every single time you get close to the end (the Peppermint Forest is aaaaalllllllllll the way back at the beginning almost). But UNO . . . damn. It's hard to speed that game up, too, when you really need to A) just end it already because B) people need to get to bed and it would also be nice if C) Morgan could win just one game since she cries and cries when she loses and she loses often. Between the two of us, Brendan and I managed to do some trickery with the cards and got her to win--but Ryan didn't miss a thing. He didn't say anything either, which bodes ill for B and me. He'll think it over, figure out what we did and why we did it, and then he'll suddenly bring it up at the worst possible moment. Guaranteed. That's my boy.

The Terrible Threes have started to overtake our sweet little girl, who is growing more stubborn and uncooperative by the second. Still waiting for a "real" tantrum--they are getting worse, but still haven't approached anything like a Ryan Strength Tantrum. I reckon she's about halfway there. I know she'll get there eventually, but in general she's so chill compared to Ryan that it's difficult not to hope that it won't get that bad. I imagine she's saving it for 2 weeks after the baby is born, because that's how kids do.

Oh dear. I have just reviewed the previous paragraph and realized that I have the Audacity of Hope. Does that mean I should vote for Obama? :o) Yikes.

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