Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A Special Anniversary

Today is my grandparents' 65th wedding anniversary! Don't they look great?

65 years. Amazing. The kids are painting some pictures for us to send to them right now (would have done it last week, but they were all icky feeling). Also, my grandfather had surgery yesterday and is stuck in the hospital today. We thought a few cheerful pictures would speed up the healing process.

We don't get to see my grandparents very often, since they live all the way in California, but I am hopeful we'll get out there within the next year so they can meet the new rugrat.


LB said...

They look fabulous!

Geez, you've got good genes. Your grandmother looks remarkably the same (as I'm sure your grandfather would if he weren't mid-word). And more importantly, they look happy, and that makes me smile.

Congratulations to them.

suchlovelyfreckles.com said...

They do look fabulous.
Happy Anniversary to your grandparents.