Saturday, July 05, 2008

Oh My

Via Neal Boortz, I learned about a new biography of Barack Obama, written for kids, entitled Yes We Can. (I guess Bob the Builder is pro-Obama?) I haven't seen inside the book myself, but according to Boortz (emphasis mine):

Thomas [the author] also writes that Obama "Reminded Americans that what was keeping everyone down was the fact that workers were losing their jobs to people in other countries, because American businesses wanted to pay less for labor. In addition, people running the businesses were in the habit of paying themselves a lot, while leaving ordinary Americans behind, scraping to get by." Later in this children's book the author writes "All Americans were struggling and worried about their financial futures."

Hmph. Those evil business-running peopleguys! Ebenezer Scrooge would be so proud.

We own two small businesses, and if we ever decided to hire employees, I think we'll be sure to hire them at a scraping-by kind of wage, so's that we have lots of extra money left over to roll into cigars and burn. Mwahahahaha!!!!

(That is, if we're permitted to own our businesses or hire employees by the shiny new Government of the Future.)

Sometimes, I get really frustrated by the fact that lots and lots of people out there think this is how business really works and that the government is a proper check and balance for the evil business peopleguys. I'm guessing that not too many of those people have ever read The Constitution or bothered to take an Economics course.

Anyway, be sure to NOT buy this book, because we wouldn't want the author to be rolling in any of his hard-earned money, leaving all of us "ordinary Americans" behind. If he accidentally got rich by writing this book, it would be a terrible, terrible shame. How embarrassed would Obama be if that happened?


Sue said...

That is very very scary. But unfortunately not surprising.

Kelly said...

Really awful, especially when it's in a book for indoctrinating children!

And especially ridiculous to me, having been raised by a small business owner and now married to one...they always pay themselves last! Who's scraping by now, foo's?

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

I wonder if the author has thought of what would happen if the business-running people guys couldn't hire anybody? Then who would have jobs?

These people! They have no clue where jobs or money comes from, now do they?

As the daughter of a small businessman, I remember many days of having eggs or beans and rice for dinner as my dad struggled to feed the family and get the business off the ground. Natch...all the extra money had to go back into the business at first, and this was also the seventies. Remember Nixon's wage and price controls? It took a lot of guts to start a new business in those days of stagflation.

Of course, my dad had to quite smoking those Cuban cigars!