Monday, July 07, 2008

Things That Happen To You When You're A Baby

It must be very strange to be a baby. (Of course, if you are a baby, you have no concept of "strange" so maybe it isn't.) But things just happen to you all the time. It's very amusing for the grownups who hang around you.

Sometimes, when you're a baby:

  • People take away that warm diaper and replace it with a not-so-cozy (but clean!) one. You might be upset by this. You might even think the world is ending. Then you'll forget all about it until the next diaper change (often, just 5 minutes away).
  • Your adoring Big Brother holds his latest LEGO creations about a millimeter from your (not-quite-working) eyeballs and 'splains what it is in a voice usually reserved for folks who are hard-of-hearing. You are not hard-of-hearing, so this is always very surprising.
  • OMG! There are lights on the ceiling! They're everywhere!
  • People smell the top of your head and pronounce you "delicious."
  • People just touch you everywhere, all the time. You're not aware that you have such things as arms and legs and a back, so every gentle stroke is a big surprise and makes you flinch and squirm.
  • You get kisses all the time.
  • Sometimes, you get licked on your forehead by your adoring Big Sister, who has been under the impression that she is a puppy for the last 3 months. And of course, how do dogs give kisses? By licking.

Like I said: amusing. :o)


Anonymous said...

And oh so snuggly cute!!!!!!


LB said...

I was certainly amused and it made me squinch up my nose and want to sniff a baby head. Yummy.

Anonymous said...

Jenn, I can't believe I've actually been gone that long. Congratulations on your new baby Sean. :)
And I want to sniff a baby head too. *sigh*

Sue said...

Very cute. And oh so true. I love the smell of babies.