Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Weird Question Of The Day

Actually, this is from yesterday.

Ryan: Does goose poop melt?

All Important Context: We were taking a walk around the park/pond in our neighborhood (look at me, taking walks!). There are about a hundredty-thousand (Ryan's new favorite number) Canadian geese who have made our pond their home. They are pretty to look at, but have really nasty dispositions and poop out approximately 150% of their body weight on a daily basis. I hate them.

I wish it melted. But, alas.


Monica said...

Their poops are so big they are like small dog poops. Unfortunately the Canada goose seems to thrive very well in urban conditions. I agree, they are rather nasty. We used to have a camp on the St. Lawrence and we would always feed the cute little ducks until the big Canada geese came and chased them away. (Of course, we refused to feed the big bullies.)

cathy said...

Because you asked.... Goose poop doesn't melt but can be watered-in very easily. I used to live near a pond and I had the greenest lawn because the poop is almost pure nitrogen. I also had no crabgrass since the geese loved to eat it. Free fertilizer and free weeding.

Anonymous said...

We have such a pond, including such geese, including such poop, which is why I don't walk there anymore.

Flibbert said...

Well, technically -- and I know Ryan likes technically -- if you heat it up enough, it will melt and even evaporate. If you're able to heat it up enough, of course.

Rational Jenn said...

Glad to see there are other non-fans of the geese, too!

I never feed the bullies, and they are, some of them. Actually, I try never to feed any of them, as that just helps create more poop and I'm adamantly opposed to the poop. But sometimes people come with us on our walks and bring bread.

Cathy, I like the fertilizer idea, but am glad that our house is far enough away from the pond that we don't get too many goose visitors here. I know that those with homes near the pond don't seem to mind them--and their grass IS always short and green!

Flibbert, EW. I will pass your technical information on to Mr. Ryan, who will certainly appreciate it. It gets hot here in the summer, but not quite that hot. I suppose that's a good thing.