Monday, July 14, 2008

Where I Am Bizzy

No, I haven't disappeared. I have had the Bizzy with Bizzy Sauce and Extra Bizzy on the side. It happens.

I'm checking in to say that, oh! How I long to see Mamma Mia! I long to see it in the theater (coming in October to Atlanta) and on the big screen, too.

Because you need to know the following about me:

  • I love musicals**--it's something I was born into (or, if you will, indoctrinated into). Musicals are things over which my mom and I actually bond.
  • I love ABBA. I just. freaking. do. Hooray for Benny & Bjorn! (I hope he can forgive me for not being able to figure out the umlaut on my keyboard.)
  • I'll pretty much see anything with Colin Firth in it.

Ergo, the need to see this movie!

It's going to be difficult to wait for DVD though, but I must, since I'm not envisioning paying lots of money to go see either show in order to sit outside of it while it's playing because I have to nurse a baby. (I can nurse him for free at home.) If this one turns out to take a bottle [insert crossed fingers here], then I'll try to go in October to see it at the theater.

So I'll content myself in the meantime with listening to lots of ABBA and maybe teaching the kids some of the songs, too. That sounds like a nice project, doesn't it?

If you see it--and you know you want to--let me know what you think.

**I understand that the genre of "musical" is not widely enjoyed, and if you are of that ilk persuasion mindset, then I will not hold it against you or think any less of you. Therefore, you must not leave nasty comments about musicals on my blog. Mildly snarky comments are fine though, because A) I truly do understand the absurdity inherent in the musical genre--and while I am able to enjoy--nay, revel in it--I do realize that the element of absurdity is present and that it's too much for some to willfully suspend their disbelief, and B) I always enjoy a good snark. Just no Nasty. :o)


C. August said...

Mama mia? Oy. And in general, musicals make me cringe.

"Why are they singing? It makes no sense!" This is what I either say or think through most any musical movie. I already dislike the theater, so I'll be caught dead before going to see the Producers live.

But I must admit, grugingly, that I loved Xanadu as a kid. We got cable and HBO in the late-70s, early-80s, and Xanadu was one of the movies I saw repeatedly and loved. I remember almost nothing about it except Gene Kelly, and the fact that I had a major crush on Olivia Newton John.

There. I said it.

LB said...

You know I'm going Friday night! Same reasons: love ABBA, will see almost anything with Colin Firth, and my youngest baby is 10! We (my oldest daughter and I) saw it on stage in Boston a few years ago. The story is kind of cute, but I love the music.

C. August - Xanadu? Really? I can understand the crush on ONJ, and Gene Kelly was still cool, but Xanadu? How do you feel about Starlight Express? No wonder you hate musicals. Try Singing in the Rain.

Jenn, I think teaching the children all the songs on ABBA Gold is a great project. When you're done, you can teach them again in Spanish. How's that for homeschooling?

I sent my neice home singing, "Money, money, money. Always sunny, in a rich man's world". I think her parents really appreciated my efforts.

I'll be sure to send along my review.

Flibbert said...

This really has me conflicted because I do not like musicals and that movie looks REAL dumb.

But it's ABBA.


I don't understand the Colin Firth thing, but Pierce Brosnan... yes, please!

C. August said...

LB, it's obvious you've seen Xanadu more recently than 25 years ago. I really remember nothing about it. I don't even recall the story, though I have vague notions of ONJ being some sort of Greek goddess or muse or something? Anyway, I was 12, and ONJ was dreamy.

I had to look up Startlight Express on the InterWebs. Andrew Lloyd Weber? *shudder* His "works" are the epitome of modern musicals and why I avoid them like the plague.

However... Singin' in the Rain was wonderful. As was Anchors Aweigh. Perfect rainy Saturday afternoon movies when you can't go out and play. I always loved the sense of life in those old musicals.

C. August said...

Oh, and I forgot "On the Town", which is my favorite of Gene Kelly's musicals.

"New York, New York, a helluva town.
The Bronx is up, but the Battery's down.
The people ride in a hole in the groun'.
New York, New York, it's a helluva town!!"

Kelly said...

I love love LOVE musicals! I was raised on two things- musicals and Objectivism and was confused when I found out all Objectivists didn't love musicals! What? Somehow I've managed to get my redneck, Beatles-loving husband to get into musicals and even play the songs on his guitar for me. Yay singing night!

I love ABBA too, and though I wasn't into the show (and heard from a musical-loving friend that it wasn't very good), the movie looks awesome. And hey, I'm the Dancing Queen, so I've got to see it! Nothing like the old musicals, though...give me Rodgers and Hammerstein any old day!

LB said...

Okay, then, C. August, you don't dislike musicals - just bad ones!

I have not seen Xanadu in its entirety, ever. Having only a 20 year-old recollection that rollerskating was involved and that there was some outrageous rumblings about another more recent musical in which rollerskating was involved, I also had to look up Starlight Express (first as Sugarland Express - bad movie with Goldie Hawn, then as Starland Express - nothing).

I'm really hoping that with happy, hoppy music from ABBA, the sense of life of Mamma Mia! will be just as vibrant as in those old musicals, if, sadly, not as clever. I fully expect this lack of cleverness to be offset by the mere presence of Colin Firth (Mr. Darcy, need I say more?).

Finally, it's a good thing I was teaching my niece ABBA songs rather than spelling.

Rational Jenn said...

C! I had no idea you were a closet Xanadu fan! You're coming with me to the sing along!

I have seen Xanadu in its entirety, and in recent years, and it's so bad that it cannot be believed. (Poor, poor Gene Kelly!) I adore Xanadu!

Your excerpt from "On the Town" reminds me of the parody sung by Bart and Milhouse . . . !

And Mamma Mia has ABBA going for it--I almost don't care if the story is awful. It looks cute in the trailer, but you know how that goes. And still: ABBA and Mr. Darcy in the same film--must see. LB and I are obviously on the same wavelength here!

Flibbert--ABBA! I Know! I do like Pierce Brosnan, too, but I fear he will be much overshadowed by the presence of Mr. Darcy.

Kelly--we so need to meet up: Musicals AND The Beatles! Sadly I haven't convinced my Beatles-loving guitar-playing husband to learn any songs from South Pacific on the guitar just yet. But maybe if I can get Morgan on the plan--he'll pretty much do whatever SHE wants.

Okay, bye for now. :o)

Jennifer B said...

I didn't even know they were coming out with a movie of it! But since it has Colin Firth, I'll see it! He's incentive enough for me. :)

Kelly said...

Oooh, we were just singing selections from South Pacific last night! Correction...Dan was singing and I was trying. So sad to have a music degree and a poor voice! :-P Speaking of singing, I'll have to send our wedding slideshow (it's on Dan's blog, too). He sang me down the aisle and it was *amazing*. Ah talent! As for getting Morgan in, I bet that'll do it. Dads always have a weakness for their little gals!

We should meet sometime! We'll be down in Greenville, SC (D's hometown) around Thanksgiving time, if we can all find some time to scratch out.

Kelly Elmore said...


I demand that you and Dan come and see us at Thanksgiving. You cannot be that close and miss out on the Atlanta Objectivist group! We want to see you so bad. Jenn and I were talking about a Thanksgiving thing with you and Dan, and it just must be so.