Friday, July 11, 2008

Where I Complain

So anyway, we've been unhappy with our Garbagemen Peopleguys for a while now. They bought out the company we had been using and the service has been on the decline ever since. Last week, they didn't take the extra bags sitting outside of our can. This had never been an issue before, and the previous company had in their policy that it was okay to leave out three extra bags.

So when I called to ask about this, I was told by the Least Interested In Her Job CSR ever that the policy had been changed. No warning, nothing. So then I had to pay $25 in order to have a special pickup for our extra bags, because at that point there was no way we could fit everything into our can and no way we'd ever catch up. They did not come as promised and I had to call and complain about that.

So I shopped around and found a company that lets you leave out EIGHT extra bags at no charge and it's $1 a bag for each bag beyond that. All for the same price! Sold! I signed up and then called the old company back to cancel.

I politely informed them that their recent policy change spurred me to switch companies (didn't even mention the extra pickup nonsense). The CSR I spoke to today was really very nice and professional and was sorry to see me go, yada yada yada. Then she looked in her system to find out when I had last paid--you pay on a quarterly basis--I assumed so that I could get my pro-rated money back. Wrong! I had recently paid for the quarter, and so our service will be canceled effective September 30.

What? Don't I get a refund for the months I've already paid? Isn't the cancellation effective as of today?


She gave me the name of the department to which I can write a letter of complaint--couldn't or wouldn't give me the name of a PERSON to complain to.

I will write my letter, but I doubt I'll see that money. I'm so glad that our garbage service is subject to competition and that I'm leaving this company. In fact, this final experience has only served to confirm the soundness of my decision--a point which I'll be making in my letter.

Anyway: ARGH! Thanks for listening!

UPDATE: Oh, goody! It's a publicly traded company! That means lots of information about officers and peopleguys-what's-in-charge-of-stuff, etc. Knowing this makes it more fun to write this letter and cc it to everyone up the food chain.


Monica said...

I hear you. Our garbage peopleguys are poor quality as well. Nothing like yours -- at least they do their job and pick up garbage (hello!) -- but they are now charging us a quarterly $25 "fuel recovery fee."

Since we are seeing numerous competitors in the area now, we might shop around as well. I think we may be able to do better.

Rational Jenn said...

Ah yes! All of the companies in our area have begun to assess a "fuel recovery fee" as well. Another consequence to all of this nonsense with oil.

I remember many years ago when California was having all of those power problems that hotels were assessing a similar fee to help them "recover" their electricity costs. The annoying thing about that was we had to pay that fee when we stayed in BOSTON even though the power problems were out West.

Argh, argh, argh! :o)

We've decided to keep putting our can out for the old company and use it as a way to declutter the house a bit. I'm still writing a letter of complaint though.

Mrs. C said...

WOW! And here it's you get who you get. Thankfully we've lived here 11 years with no problem, but of course that could change depending on whoever the city feels like putting in charge of YOUR trash which YOU pay for.

Bleh. I'm sorry for ya.

Flibbert said...

Larger companies often also take Better Business Bureau complaints seriously as well.

Just a thought.