Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Oh, we have had the busiest day ever ever ever. Good, but crazy, and did I mention busy? I am planning a funny post about it--hope to get to it over our vacation. I find that if I can imagine writing a funny blog post about something that is stressful or crazy or difficult in the moment, it helps me remember to chill a bit. So I've been thinking about it all day. Because, you know what? I have a hard job! I mean, it's fun and all, but hard sometimes, and you may consider today equal to "sometimes."

We're leaving Friday for 10 days--our annual vacation in the Outer Banks. Can't wait. We are going to have so much fun this year! It's a lively, opinionated crew, so something tells me politics will come up once or twice. :o)

I started to stress out a bit about packing and then remembered that all I needed to do is make sure we remember the Very Most Important Things to Bring, and that's a much shorter list than Every Single Thing We Should Bring.

Here's the Very Most Important Things to Bring list:
  • Children
  • Insulin and paraphernalia
  • Epi-pens and Benadryl
  • Wallets (including ID and money)
  • Brendan's computer (he must always work on vaca, sadly)
  • Cell phones and chargers
  • A couple of diapers

Pretty much it. Anything else, we can buy. Not that we'd want to, but just that it's okay if we leave something behind, because most everything else is easily replaceable. And we really only need a couple of diapers--just enough to get us to a store to buy more. See? Low-stress packing. Everything else is gravy! :o)

Anyway, the title of this post is "Cuteness" and that is because Mr. Baby is now 2 months old and you can see his official picture here. More to come (maybe, my laptop is not quite on The Plan lately) over the break. Sean is turning into a super smiley, cooing little thing. Plus, he really really loves me. The other ones love me, just not in quite the same way, and also not all the time. :o)

Good night!


Jennifer B said...

Too cute! And I bet he has that great baby smell too. Sigh!

LB said...

He is adorable and smiley! Hopefully he'll keep that trait for a good long time.

Thanks for posting your list of essentials. We're leaving for our vacation on Saturday (oh - I will be embedding the Go-Go's video) and I'd hate to leave one of the children behind...I think. Yes,...yes, I would, definitely.

Shez said...

Enjoy your vacation. Wave to me as you get onto 168 (you'll be about 10 min from my home in Norfolk)

If you have an afternoon where you are at a loose end, try Art Glass N' Fire. It's one of the best "make your own" studios we've been to. The kids painted pottery, did mosaics and we all made some beautiful glass thingies. The kids made suncatchers and I made some beautiful pendants. The owner is very accommodating.

I think that Marc and I will be going to Manteo for a long weekend while my parents are here in september(love that free babysitting)

Rational Jenn said...

Jennifer--he does still have the baby smell, although it's going away....sigh.

LB--yes, I had to consider whether or not the kids were essential. On this trip, they are. Maybe not so much on other trips. They were being stinkers yesterday, so I had to think looooong and haaaard about it!

Shez--I'll definitely wave to you! Every year we think we'll take the kids to a make your own pottery place, so thanks for the recommendation. I know my kids would enjoy something like that. Manteo is so nice. I hope to spend time in the little downtown area this year. The Elizabethan Garden is very nice, too. Have fun on your vacation in September!