Sunday, August 17, 2008

Quote Of The Day

So Brendan and the Big Kids are off a-canoeing at the moment. I can't wait to hear about their adventures.

As they were getting ready to leave, Ryan walked into the room wearing his new life jacket. I complimented him on it and asked him how he liked it.

"It's great! And it smells like Dick's!"

Dick's being the sporting goods store where it was purchased, of course. :o)

I laughed heartily over that statement much later, on the phone with my sister, who does not have a Dick's where she lives and so it was even funnier for her. Neither Brendan nor I laughed in the moment though, which is very, very difficult to do, by the way.

That Dick's statement is just as funny as the day he told everyone about his dirty hoe.


Shez said...

Too funny. Shira was snuggling next her dad the other night and started singing an ode to all his millions and millions of sperm. The poor man didn't know what had hit him. I had to explain that we'd been reading a book on human reproduction that morning.

Rational Jenn said...

Awesome! Kids are too funny. I don't know when I've laughed so much in my whole life. :o)

Lostcheerio said...


Nothing like the refreshing odor of Dick's.