Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Seeing Daddy Off To Work

Every time Brendan heads out the door to the office, we have a little ritual that must be followed. First, there's the general call for Big Hugs & Kisses, followed by Extra Big Hugs & Kisses at the front door. Then there is the Waving from the Front Porch.

Lately, Ryan has added the following to the Waving ritual. He calls out:

"Bye, Daddy! See you soon! Have fun doing your work! I hope you earn lots of money!"

Now Morgan has joined in the Words of Encouragement ritual. "I hope you get lots of money!"

Have fun and earn lots of money. I just love it. :o)


brendan said...

Yep -- I've been enjoying that lately, too.

Our little capitalist -- we're raising him well, I think!

In fact, I think he understands more about the means & value of production than most kids twice his age. Truly, I do.

suchlovelyfreckles said...

We started a thing called the upside down wave. We stand in the garage, turn away from the leaving person, spread our legs, turn upside down and wave through the legs. Now that my husband works at home, we just do it with our visitors. They all get a kick out of the upside down family wave. :)

Rational Jenn said...

I'm also proud of our little capitalist. He listed off about a dozen jobs he plans to have one day so that he can be rich. :o)

And I LOVE the upside down wave thing! Very silly, just my kind of thing. Thanks for sharing that idea, we might have to give it a try!

Bill Brown said...

Our leaving ritual is extensive in both variety and duration. The standard kisses are thrown, but my girls have added hug throwing to the mix--in a creative and unexpected gesture.