Sunday, August 03, 2008


We had ourselves a bit of an adventure (or three) last night! A terrific Wrath Of Zeus type thunderstorm rolled in and here is how the events unfolded:

We had planned to meet some friends out for dinner at a nearby restaurant. As we were leaving the house, rushing around at the last minute as usual, nasty clouds were floating toward us. Brendan put the top up on the convertible, using the automatic doohickey thing, and we drove away in kind of a hurry, eager to meet our friends.

We got to the restaurant just as the rain and wind hit. Ryan nearly got nailed by the big glass entrance door to the restaurant--he was thrilled! About 5 minutes later, one of the waitresses came up to us. My neighbor, who works part-time at that restaurant and knew we were meeting people there, wanted her to pass us a message: The windows in the Lexus were still down! Oh no! The automatic doohickey thing utterly failed us!

Fortunately, we were only 5 minutes away from home. Brendan, visibly pale and shaken by the news (and really, who could blame him?), jumped up and ran out the door of the restaurant--just as the hail hit. He told me afterwards that he hesitated slightly, worried that the hail would get larger (it was pea-sized), but decided personal injury was worth going to rescue his beautiful car.

The kids and I hung out inside the restaurant. The lights flickered a couple of times and I remarked that the power never goes out for long around here, not like it did when we first moved here. I kept waiting for the Severe Thunderstorm/Tornado Siren to go off and it never did. My tax dollars at work.

Brendan returned, soaking wet, to report that his car was in a similar condition. And that the power was out in the whole neighborhood. Oh, and that the tree in front of our house was broken in half and narrowly missed hitting the house!

Our friends came home with us and we all had a jolly time hanging out and talking with the neighbors and getting names and phone numbers of tree peopleguys. A couple of people got to meet the baby for the first time. Kids played in and around our broken down tree, now a fort, and had flashlight battles.

The power stayed off for 3.5 hours, which just goes to show that you should never tell anybody that the power always comes back on right away. We got lucky-so many people are still without power even now. So we lit some candles and an oil lamp we borrowed from next door and got ready for a slumber party. It was really fun, walking through the house in the dark, with just a flashlight or candle, gathering up pajamas and pillows. Ryan was amazed and fascinated with the FIRE and had to be reminded eleventy-dozen times to leave the candles alone. (If you are ever around him when there is fire, please help me monitor his whereabouts--he really makes me nervous!)

Just when we were beginning to get settled--it was after 10pm by this point, which is really too too late for the kids to be up--the power came back on! And because I am a mean sleep-deprived mommy, I made everyone go up to their rooms for bed. Sometimes, I just need space! And I wasn't at all sure that Sean wouldn't wake everyone up in the middle of the night anyway.

So that was our fun night last night. Let's just say that we all REALLY REALLY appreciate the power companies and the electricity peopleguys--for getting the power back on so quickly and also for keeping us supplied with electricity on a regular basis. It would have been a very uncomfortably hot night for us, if not for them. I took pictures of the tree and I'll post them soon. And since I've been working on this post since about 9:00 this morning, I think I'll actually post it now. Hope you're having a fun weekend, too!

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