Saturday, August 16, 2008

Suddenly Saturday

Where has the time gone? Lucky for me--we've been busy with fun things, such as:

  • Morgan's first ballet class (pictures soon!)
  • Friends over once, Friends over twice, Friends over many times, ain't that nice?
  • Spending an afternoon at the house of other Friends (aren't we just popular?)
  • Planning and preparing for our annual trek to the Outer Banks, which includes such adventures as spending eleventy million hours at Super Target as well as wondering where all of my lists have vanished to (the kids take them for drawing)
  • Answering questions such as "Why did you and Daddy decide to build me?" (M) and "When am I going to be old enough to watch Buffy, The Vampire Slayer? I need to know right. now." (R) Morgan also wanted to know why we decided to build Sean, but we decided not to tell them that Brendan and I were still under Should We Have A Third Child negotiations when an alcohol-influenced counting error occurred, and well uh . . . . :o)
  • Locating baby clothes big enough to fit our little calculation error sumo wrestler-shaped sweetie boy. And I've spent a goodly amount of time staring at his eyes for hints that he might decide to change them up into brown, trying to enjoy the blue while I can. They really are a nice blue at the moment, bluer than the other two, so I'm hopeful he'll decide to keep them. Also, he smiles a bunch lately and that's super cute.
  • Enjoying the fact that Ryan is actually willing to leave my sight to go meet his friend at the bus stop and then go play next door. It's true! He won't need me to go to college with him!
  • Trying out OmniFocus--organizing software built for Macs (yay) and for GTD (double yay). Liking it very much. (Thanks for the tip, Bill!)
  • Trying to figure out how and when to replace all of the small electronics in our house that have suddenly decided to go kaput all at the same time--printer (got a new one), microwave (16 years old, about to die), tv upstairs (14 years old, volume is broken and makes weird noise), dvd player upstairs (piece of crap, never worked properly), phones (old and dying, got new ones), and there is probably something else about to go. Evidently, we have failed to pay proper homage to the Appliance Gods and this is what we get. Also, we'll have been in our house 10 years as of the 25th, so I'm expecting something major to explode or crumble to dust very soon. Actually, we'll be away on our vacation on the 25th, so won't that be something to come home to? :o)
  • Watching Dr. Horrible a zillion times in order to learn all of the words. "The world is a mess and I just need to rule it." is about to become my new motto, only I'd be a Good Guy, of course. Also, I realized that the "Race to the Tower of Power" episode of The Backyardigans has Austin as Captain Hammer. While Austin's Captain Hammer is certainly a nicer guy and not nearly as pompous, I much prefer the version played by Captain Tightpants.
  • Starting about 5 different posts for this blog and then promptly becoming involved in something else like sleep or answering a question. Such is the nature of my job at the moment.
  • Accidentally emailing my father-in-law copies of our bank statements. !!!!! It's a long story--let's just say that while multi-tasking is something I'm normally quite good at, I should not attempt to multi-task while ranting loudly and at length about the stupid billing department at Northside Hospital and their complete and utter incompetence and how every time they are incompetent, which is a lot, they make me waste more of my time and . . . whoops! Kinda funny though. :o) You should also know that my father-in-law and I are not exactly what you might call "close." So he's going to be awfully surprised to see such an email in his Inbox on Monday morning.
  • Becoming a canoe-owner. Or rather, watching Brendan become a canoe-owner, since boats are not so much my thing and oh yeah, I have an infant! :o) He hopes to take the big kids out in it tomorrow morning. Our new canoe will come with us to OBX, too.

What have you been up to? I'm working on some cute new pictures for the FamBlog, so look for your update soon.

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Kevin said...

The Dr. Horrible soundtrack is available on iTunes for $10. And is currently number 2 on iTunes top albums.

I made my purchase, happy to support such excellent work (and hopefully encourage more).

You can of course also purchase the "TV" episodes from iTunes for $2 each.