Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wish You Were Here!

Greetings from the Outer Banks! We all arrived yesterday afternoon after a relatively uneventful trip, during which Morgan used food as body paint not once, but twice (first ketchup, then chocolate milk). She is now obsessed with sand and I'm hopeful that some heavy duty sand play will help with some of her tactile needs. Why I'm hopeful, I don't know--it's not like we don't have a big old sandbox at home, but I really need something to cling to, alright? :o)

It's a full house. The birth of Sean brings the kid to adult ratio up to 1:1--8 kids, 8 adults. And we have a couple of extra bonus visitors for a couple of days, which makes for a nice temporary ratio of 4:5. Fortunately for us it's a big old gigantic house, and this year we got one that is right on the beach (which in the Outer Banks means just behind the huge sand dunes between the house and the beach).

Sean and I just returned from a brief visit to the beach, where everyone is enjoying a picture perfect day. It's just beautiful--not too hot, breezy, decent surf (but so much surf that it's too tough for the kids). I had intended to hang back here with Sean until he woke up from his nap at the same time I realized that I had neglected to put the Epi-pens in Brendan's beach bag. It was a nice journey, during which Sean fell asleep and remained 100% covered and in the baby sling. I think he'll enjoy the beach more next year, when he can eat play in the sand and run around.

And now the stinker has awoken from his nap again so I must go. Bye for now!

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