Thursday, September 04, 2008

And Also

I recently discovered two new (to me, anyway) blogs by Objectivist moms: The Little Things and Principled Parent. I'm looking forward to reading more from these moms.

I really liked this piece from Amy at The Little Things, titled "Fractured," in which she describes just how difficult it is for a mom with small kids to complete any kind of longish (or mediumish or shortish) project. Amy explains:

Fractured time is my term for the inability to stick with a certain type of task long enough to get it done.

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! This explains why I have tons of half-folded laundry and why only half of the kitchen is clean and the rest is ridiculously cluttered and why the playroom is a disaster and why I've started but not completed many blog posts and how I can go 6 hours without peeing and why I sometimes forget to pay the electric bill. It's because I have fractured time! And the time gets even more fractured with each additional kid--there are splinters of time all over the place.

Ah, but well worth it. Two of them are asleep on the couches now (we're waiting for Brendan to get home from an out-of-state meeting) and they are so soft and sweet and adorable that I could just eat them up. Even the awake one is scrumptious, watching a movie through sleepy eyes. Right Now is a rather large splinter of fractured time, and I wish I could save this piece in a little box like a family heirloom. I seriously suspect that one day, when my time returns to its usual state of wholeness, I'll miss this fractured feeling just a bit.

Or, since I've been interrupted twice while writing this post, maybe not! :o)

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Principled Parent said...

Thanks for the mention! I really enjoy reading your blog, so this is a great compliment.