Thursday, September 18, 2008

And In Other Carnival News

Titanic Deck Chairs has the latest Objectivist Round Up. And don't forget to rate the carnivals, which I think you can do if you have a Blog Carnival login. appears the rating box is MIA for the food allergy carnival, no doubt due to the fact that I was editing it while nursing the baby and arbitrating a dispute between two boys over a long, green rubber snake. I did accidentally publish that carnival before I meant to--it's a wonder nothing else is missing.

Anyway, be sure to rate the Objectivist Round Up if you get a chance!

Now that my bloggy and child activity obligations have been fulfilled for the day, it's time for me to turn my thoughts toward packing and otherwise preparing to get all five of us on a plane to Chicago tomorrow. I'll be glad we did this, I really, really will, but I'm terribly daunted just at the moment by all of the things that must occur before we go. And it seemed like such a good idea at the time! :o)

And, once again, my laundry ain't folding itself, so I must get a-going. Wish us luck and SILENCE at the security guard peopleguy station!

1 comment:

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Your request for the wish is duly noted! May you have good luck and SILENCE at the Security Peopleguy Station.

And...have a great trip! I love Chicago.