Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The End Of Normal

I've been thinking and thinking about what to write for tomorrow's anniversary. I find that I haven't anything substantially different to say about it than I did one year ago. And that's terrible, because that means our "fight" hasn't gained us hardly anything.

Seven years ago today was the end of normal. And I'd like to get back there--or, actually, I'd love for us to get back to much better than 9/10/2001--but the 10th would be a start.

Instead, it feels like we're further from (what should be) our goal--the eradication of our enemies--than ever. And in the meantime, we, the innocent, are paying for the sins of our enemies with the currency of liberty, in the form of the Patriot Act, Real ID, all of the stupid ziplock baggie rules at the airport, etc. Think about it. Consider the changes you have had to make in your life because of what the Bad Guys did on 9/11 and whether or not you really feel safer. I sure don't.

This is what happens when we, as a country, as a culture, are unable and unwilling to take a moral stand, to believe that we are right to fight our enemies.

Looking forward to today from one year ago, I wanted us to be one year closer to brand new amazing towers in Lower Manhattan. I wanted us to be one year closer to fewer stupid airline rules. I wanted us to be one year closer to the elimination of the Patriot Act. I wanted us to be one year closer to getting out of Iraq.

I want us to be one year closer to 7 years ago today, the last day of normal. And we're not. And that's frustrating and terrible.

It's difficult sometimes not to get caught up in this depressing feeling, but overall I'm hopeful and energized because I'm working in my own way toward changing (reminding?) our culture to what it could be. I write and talk about the ideas I have and the things I value. I joined OActivists and OBloggers, both of which facilitate important work toward making things better. I had a brief discussion the other day with the FedEx delivery peopleguy about Ayn Rand. I am writing my representatives more frequently to express my opinions. I joined one of our state homeschool organizations so that I can help ensure our state's homeschool freedoms. I am raising my kids. And don't forget the Blog Carnival!

Maybe next year, I'll be able to write that we are one year closer to normal.

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Amy Mossoff said...

Well said, Jenn. You are more optimistic than I am, but I love your focus on what YOU are doing. Thanks for reminding me to think in those terms.