Monday, September 01, 2008

First Of September

Long ago, in grade school, I was a member of a fyfe and drum corps, the Marquis of Granby Junior Ancient Fyfe & Drum Corps. Oh! They have a website! I should send them an email, I should.

Anyway, one of the songs we learned--I played fyfe--is called "First of September." And every year, on the 1st of September, I hum or whistle this tune all day long. It's always been one of my favorites, and is super fun to play.

According to the website of the Yalesville Fife & Drum Corps, "First of September" is about an episode from the French & Indian War:

FIRST OF SEPTEMBER: . . . Honors The Battle of Quebec that started September 1, 1759. The British, under General Wolfe defeated the French on the Plains of Abraham.

Neat! Never knew that. While you're at the Yalesville site, listen to their recording of the "First of September" and "York Fusiliers." Very nice. Seriously, really well done.

Fyfe & Drum was so much fun--I even attended a real live muster once, and stayed up late with what seemed like thousands of other fyfers and drummers, playing those traditional songs late into the night. I've had a love of those songs ever since, and still have my music, my fyfe, and can still even play a bit. (Fyfe requires a huge lung capacity that I would probably have to work a while to regain.)

Wow . . . memory lane. Nice walk.


Kelly said...

Reminds me of my old marching band days! We played all jazz standards in high school, and my summer band played patriotic music all over Europe. Such good times :) And I played tuba so I hear ya on lung capacity!

suchlovelyfreckles said...

September reminds me of Harry Belafonte who sang a beautiful September song. Now I need to find it on youtube.

Melissa said...

Another fife and drum alum here -- modern though. I was a Royal Columbian (MA). I remember the Marquis from parades and meets. Small world!