Monday, September 29, 2008

What A Day!

I don't need to comment (except I'm going to!) about the political goings-on today. I was awakened early (Sean) and so was lucky enough to catch Bush's little rah-rah speech at the beginning of the day. I had two thoughts about it: A) he is really looking old, and B) he was so phoning it in--it was obvious he considered it a done deal.

I called my congressman twice--once to urge a NO vote and once to thank him for that NO vote. Look at me, all politically active. I know that it's futile, ultimately, because they'll throw something together (see Titanic Deck Chairs for a nice prediction), but I did get a kick out of everyone being so surprised by the vote. Cheap thrills. Actually, it's kind of an expensive thrill, given how much all of this is costing us.

It's kind of scary, this shameless speeding of the bill through Congress. Isn't that how we ended up with the Patriot Act?

In other news, I had an exciting two hours without ANY children today! I had a dental cleaning and my neighbor took The People--even Baby--and it was so exciting to drive in the car all by myself and go to the dentist! Cheap thrills--again. :o)

In order to leave Sean with my friend, I actually broke out the breast pump last night. What a pain. I know lots of people express milk all the time and it's no trouble, but I do it so rarely that it always seems an onerous task when I'm faced with it. Ryan, unsurprisingly, was extremely intrigued by the idea and was terribly keen on watching the process, but I just couldn't do it--it's a manual pump and requires a certain amount of concentration. I just. couldn't. He was pretty mad! We've been attempting to introduce the concept of "none of your business" to him recently. Hmph. He is of the firm opinion that he has a right to any and all information about every single thing that goes on in the universe. So he gets pretty irritated when we withhold information--which we really try not to do as a rule, but I doubt he'd agree.

I wonder if we'll get to watch Battlestar Galactica tonight--we just started season 2. It's pretty good, but I'm still waiting to be enthralled. (Here's a tip, start with the miniseries and then do season 1.) Something tells me that Monday Night Football is going to trump BSG. Oh well--at least I'm getting to watch Star Trek with Ryan. We've almost finished season 1 of the original series and he is seriously addicted. He's hoping to get season 2 for Christmas. (Me, too!)

Okay, enough rambling, time to finish cleaning up!


Shez said...

You know that there is something wrong because I am jealous of your trip to the dentist. I had a 2 hour appointment today and the kids came along with me. I wrote out a laundry list of school work for them to do and they only came to ask me questions 3 times. not bad, but still, I didn't get to drive on my own.

We're going to Myrtle Beach on 18 Oct as a family and I think I am going to negotiate 2 days away on my own after that. I am totally committed to homeschooling but sometimes I feel like I am drowning in kids. can't even begin to imagine how tough it must be to try to homeschool with an infant and the ensuing lack of sleep.

Enjoy Star Trek with Ryan. Ben, Shira and I are watching all the Dr Who movies. We started with the first black and white ones. I'm not sure if I am going to let them watch the latest ones though as I think they are a tad scary. the earlier ones are so cheesey that there is no way Ben will have nightmares from them.

They love Star Trek.

I'm doing my bit to ensure another generation of sci-fi lovers is born.

Shez said...

forgot to give you this link

all the original Star Trek movies your heart could desire.

Our family is a band width hog. we make good use of Hulu.

Karen said...

Re: pumping breast milk

I found drinking warm almost hot water before pumping helpful, I got almost twice as much milk.