Thursday, October 02, 2008

Food Allergy Carnival

The latest edition of the Living with Food Allergies blog carnival is up over at The Allergic Kid. Don't miss it, lots of good stuff.

Today at soccer, we met some other people with food allergies and Ryan was very intrigued. One little boy is allergic to tree nuts--but he's fine with peanuts. One of the moms was allergic to peanuts and milk. We commiserated about the need for Epi-pens and the sometimes unfeeling reactions that others have. Neither of them were aware of the FAAN Walk (coming up in 2 weeks!) so I think I recruited a couple more teams to participate in the walk!

It's been difficult, attending soccer these last few weeks, since the sidelines of the field where Morgan plays are covered with peanut shells. Obviously, somebody has a regular game there on Wednesday and peanuts are their favorite snacks! The nerve, I tell you, people in Georgia eating peanuts in a public park! Still. I do wish that the shells weren't strewn about so widely though, since Ryan feels very restricted in where he can roam and thus spends the entire 90 minutes up my butt. I'm not sure what kind of risk those shells really pose to him, but neither of us wants to find out the hard way that they're dangerous. And it's reasonable to think that some actual peanuts might be mixed in with the shells, too. Oh well. Three more weeks. We can deal.

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