Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Funny Statement Of The Day

We met Brendan for lunch today and afterwards, we of course performed our goodbye ritual for Brendan (who had to go back to work). The ritual primarily consists of Ryan shouting:

"Goodbye Dad! Have fun at work! Earn lots of money! I love you!"

Only he says it like this: "GoodbyeDadHavefunatworkEarnlotsofmoneyIloveyou!"

The "Earn lots of money" part just kills me.

As we were driving away, Ryan reflected aloud:

"I like saying 'GoodbyeDadHavefunatworkEarnlotsofmoneyIloveyou.' It's one of my hobbits."

He didn't believe me when I told him that it's 'habits.' As long as he has good hobbits, then I suppose I don't mind too much. The bad ones, though, smoke too much pipe-weed and will eat you out of house and home.

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Shez said...

That was truly funny. What a neat way to say goodbye to dad. The kids, my cousin and i will be in ATL from the evening of 1 Jan to 4 Jan. We've tix to see King Tut and are planning on going to the Aquarium. We'll probably stay that the Marriott Residence Inn downtown. Anything you recommend we see/do? Want to meet up? My email addy is sherene at cox dot net